Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FEED ME NOW !!!!!!!!

I managed to get some photos of the Cowbird and its dear little mummy (or daddy).
Oh he does make a racket.
I heard this dreadful noise yesterday and upon looking out of the window .......there they were.
I was so glad I could get some pictures as I am sure Philip thought I was making it all up.

We went to the gym last night.
It was our last session with the trainer.
It was pretty good. We did all cardio vascular stuff.
This, put simply, means ..........chuffing exhausting.

There is a sort of gallery around the top of the gym which is used as a running / walking track.
He had us running around this highway to hell and then stopping at the various corners to do torture .....I mean work outs.
We did some stuff with weights and when he thought we were totally natchered he would send us off to do a couple more laps.
To think we paid for this.....sigh.
I felt ok when we came out...........relieved and ok.
This morning when I woke up my arm hurt a bit, that must have been from the weights but when I was getting dressed there was an almost audible "TWANG!!!" and something went in my back.
Unfortunately it wasn't a bra strap but something more integral to me.
It has been hurting all day.
It hurts most if I try to lean back........so "Don't do it then! ".....I hear you sympathise.
But, it still hurts even if I don't lean back.
Great this getting fit malarky isn't it.

It didn't stop me going to the mall in search of a posh frock though.
When I am over in September/October one of my friends is having a "milestone" birthday and is having a party.
They have decided to have a "formal" do, with the blokes in their tux and the ladies in posh frocks.
I am well up for this.
I get so few tuniopporties (a granddad word) to wear a posh frock.
I tried on a couple today but they were not posh enough. They were in the sale though.
The ones I saw that were posh enough were not in the sale.
I have plenty of time to find the one I want.
I would rather wait than save a couple of dollars only to be secretly disappointed.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Sundae

This picture "cracked" me up.
Oh the poor man. I wonder if he had to leave the force after this.
Or, maybe he just had to let the others know where he bought his knickers.

Sunday was another glorious day.
We went out to brekkie as we do most Sundays.
One of our usual haunts has started to do a Breakfast Sundae.
Now, bearing in mind I usually have :-

Veggie (mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, cheese) omelette
Hash browns
Veggie skillet (delish...all the above mixed together in a skillett with 3 eggs on top).

Breakfast Sundae consists of :-

Fresh fruit, topped with yoghurt, topped with granola (American cereal...don't know if you get it in England).

I love this stuff. I love it way better than the omelettes and skillets.
How sad is that?
After brekkie we stopped by Wal Mart and got some more painting supplies.
Then a quick trip to the gardening shop for a bit of fancy, schmancy trellis to hold up a rambling rose we have in the front of the house.

Later in the afternoon Donna rang. Glenn is now back in Ashford and living in his father's empty house in the Beaver Lane area. He moved back on Saturday.
His next goal is to quickly find a job.
I think he will probably be getting in touch with his old mates soon too.
If anyone wants his phone number please send a private message.

I think I look like this when I am asleep.
Oh........I actually think I look like this when I am awake most times too. :(

The weeds are getting taller in the English Flower Carpet.
I notice the bunnies are not eating them.........but they are eating the shrubs we planted.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dun corking

Well this was our bedroom wall mid de-cork.
I had been chipping and scraping for hours to get it this far.
But at last it is done.
Cork tiles are evil.

Yesterday I went swimming with my mate June.
I hadn't been for a couple of weeks as I had been poorly.
It was so brill to get in the water again. We went to the gym on Monday but they had closed the pool for maintenance so I had to do all the "oofs" and "ughs" without the prospect of a dip in the pool and then the hot tub afterwards.
It will be closed until July 5th I think.

We were going to go to the gym today but Philip got worn out painting the ceiling in our room and wasn't up for it.
I think I may have a go on the exercise bike in a minute. We have had it for years. It isn't a posh one with bells and whistles like they have at the gym but it will do.
It is way too hot to out on my sexy bike.

Anyway, our ceiling is now painted. Next will be the walls.
I think I would like shades of lavender in our room. We will probably buy the paint next week.

It is now only 3 weeks until Lauren arrives.
I am getting excited.
Philip asked if she would be excited yet but I don't think so.
When you are a kid 3 weeks is like a year so I think it will be a while yet.
Update on the flower carpet.
It looks like a few weeds are growing. At first I thought they were flowers but on closer inspection I can see that the same sort of thing is growing outside of the carpet.
I shall wait and see.

The bunnies have had a baby bunny and there are baby squirrels chasing each other around the garden too.
The chipmunk is back, filling his gob with bird seed and darting off with it, so I expect he has a family to feed.
I went to get a drink of water the other night and saw Bubba staring out of the window.
There was a chuffing great raccoon having a good scoff.
I love having my brekkie sitting by the kitchen window watching all this going on outside.
There are a pair of teeny, tiny little birds that have been hoodwinked into raising a cowbird.
I saw this pair feeding this enormous, fluffy baby......it is about 3 times their size, and I wondered what it was. I looked up American Cuckoo but apparently they are not like our cuckoos (wouldn't be) and they raise their own babies.
BUT, they showed a picture of an adult cowbird which apparently does lay its eggs in other birds nests. I recognised it at once as one I had seen round the birdie feeder.
So, these poor little birdies are at it all day, stuffing food into the gob of this monster.
Ahhhh.........but he doesn't know he is a cowbird does he?
He thinks they are his mummy and daddy.
So I can't be cross with him.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still steaming.

Well, I don't know what happened here.
I just spent ages writing a blog entry and it has disappeared.
This is the first time it has happened here. It used to happen all the time on the other one.
Funny thing is I did copy it all before I pressed publish but none of it is there.
I can't write all that again.
So, to sum up.
Bloody hot.
Went to work.
Went to River Rhythms.
Jazz band.
Who were pants.
Summerfest starts today.
It was more interesting the first time but bugger it.

Just found this for all you camping enthusiasts.
It is by one of my favourite writers Dave Barry.

If your family goes camping, you will need a tent. Tent sizes are measured in units of men, as in a "three man tent", a "four man tent", etc.
This tells you how many men are required to erect the tent if they are all professional tent engineers equipped with Tent Viagra.
Even then, the tent will collapse under unusual weather conditions, such as rain or nightfall.
You will also need a hatchet for the spiders and a credit card for the motel.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Remember when I used to complain about how blooming cold it was here?

Well, today it is over 40C.
That is over 100F in old money.

I was going off on a jolly to the mall but I went outside to water the mat and it was just too uncomfortable.
I didn't fancy waiting for a bus so I have stayed in.
I am so glad we have air conditioning.
Most people here have it.......you have to. I feel sorry for those that don't today.
Fans would not help much today.
It is at night that we appreciate it most. The last couple of years we haven't had the air conditioning upstairs and it was horrid.
We had it put in a little while ago and we are now reaping the benefits.
It will be much nicer for Lauren when she is over too as she has a hard time sleeping if she is too hot.

Not long now until she comes over.
July 19th.......ooooh I am so excited.

I also had a little bit of excitement today. I found someone on Friends Reunited who I thought might be a cousin I lost contact with many years ago.
We were very close growing up and were often mistaken for sisters.
I left a message on there a while ago and today I got a reply and it is my cousin.
I have sent an email back to her and hopefully we can catch up on a lot of lost time.
Who knows, maybe I can get to meet up with her again when I am over in September.

I am really looking forward to my visit this time.
It will be so much better with Donna and Glenn both living in Ashford.
I have friends I would like to meet up with there too.
I think Glenn is moving this weekend and I suppose his next task will be to find a job.
I don't know how good the job situation is there but I know it isn't that great in Portsmouth.

Tomorrow is River Rhythms..........I wonder what goodies we will have in store for us there.
I shall check the weather forecast. A couple of days ago they said it might thunderstorm on Wednesday but as they usually change their forecasts every ten minutes it is probably all different now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"I fought the lawn and the lawn won."

At last I am starting to feel better.
I have had some sort of virus thingy ( possibly swine flu ) but I think I am on the mend.
Wisconsin has the highest number of reported swine flu cases in the USA.
They do say though, that this could be because they are doing more testing than anywhere else.
I think that I picked up my possible H1N1 thing from the gym.
Oh, we have to call it H1N1 now as people had stopped eating pork when it was called swine flu.
Can you believe that!!
In that case I couldn't possibly get it as I have been vegetarian for more than 20 years.
I think the gym is probably the villain as it is the only place I go where there are lots of sweaty people all using the same equipment.
Plus, getting changed in the locker rooms and sharing the whirlpool spa can't help.
Ewwwwwwwwww.......it makes me wonder why I like going now I have said that.

The weekend came and went particularly quickly this time.
Friday we ordered the carpet for Lauren's room, didn't do anything else as I felt crappity, crap, crap.
Saturday I felt yukky so didn't go anywhere, Philip got the last of the cork off the walls.
He emptied his change pot and found he had enough money to buy a gas grill.
So, he got that and the utensils that real men need to do the cooking thing.
Sunday he put the curtain rods up in Lauren's room (this produced a tiddy bit of cursing as, apparently the makers of these rods were complete "bleep, bleepity, bleep, bleeps").

After that the lawn was in need of a mow but it seems whilst our attention was diverted elsewhere, probably watching the flower carpet to see if there was anything but mushrooms growing on it, several boatloads of illegal immigrant ants had squatted in various locations throughout the lawn.
Now when I say ants............I don't mean the sweet little teeny ants that we have in England.
These ants are chuffing great Godzilla Ants.
I think their ancestors probably starred in an old movie..........."THEM".
You could throw a saddle on these buggers.
Anyway, we couldn't have them lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, breaking into houses, kidnapping children, stealing cars................they could even have stolen our soon to be barbequed food.......probably have heaved the grill away too.
So, water was boiled and the poor ants too.

I was impressed with my better half's first attempt with the shiny new grill.
I thought he would do steaks and sausages (not for me of course) but he didn't .
He did salmon, shrimp kebabs and various veggies.
Then he did bananas in brown sugar, butter and marsala wine.
It was a lovely.
That's what I said...........it was a lovely.
I couldn't eat it all as I haven't quite got my appetite back but I did save some for today.
Isn't it funny how men who have no desire to cook at any other time will happily toil over a hot grill.
I hope he continues to happily toil throughout the summer.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Not a cowboy boot.

River Rhythms on Wednesday featured this band.
They were not exactly my "cup of tea" but I have to give credit to the organisers for arranging a great variety of different types of music.
This lot played all African stuff but it was all sung in Swahili or something similar and it is hard to get too enthusiastic about a song when you have no clue what it is about.
I mean he could have been singing about his long, lost love, who was eaten by a crocodile on the eve of their wedding........or he could have been singing about having a hole in his bucket.......who knew?
Well, I think some people probably knew.
They had quite a following and they were lively enough.
It did seem to follow the same beat throughout the evening and to be honest I often didn't know where one song ended and another began.
Their were dreadlocks everywhere.
Of course, as always, not everyone actually "gets it".
Who knows what statement this guy was making.

He had the prerequisite dreadlocks but his African, tribal clothing consisted of a track suit and a lampshade.
Well, it looked like a lampshade.
No sign of Mr One Cowboy Boot though.

Last night we had some of the most spectacular storms I have ever experienced.
They seemed to go on all night.
There were no gaps between the lightning flashes and our room was just brilliant light.
The crashes of the thunder were amazing and it did get a little frightening at times.
I am not scared of storms but it did worry me a little.
At one time it seemed like the lightning had struck really close by and the thunder was like an explosion.
I haven't seen the news so I don't know if there was any damage.
We have big trees near the house and if one was to be hit, it could easily fall on us.
It had better not. ......not after all the effort we have put in to getting those bloody cork tiles off the bedroom wall.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backyard Zombies

Pftt....who knew!!!
It must have been the Backyard Zombies who were scaring my Instant Flower Garden so badly that the poor little flowers were frightened to poke their little heads up.
Not to be defeated I had an excursion to the Dollar Tree shop.
Once there, armed with my $10 I bought 10 goodly plastic flowers.
As you can see above the improvement is absolutely mind blowing.

I am also promoting the stereotypical Eccentric English Woman (as opposed to my previous stereotype or probably more accurate...prototype .........Mad Cat Lady).
To this end, as I noticed that some more pathetic little weeds, I mean flower shoots, had started to emerge from the flower mat, I decided that it would not be fair to let them shrivel and die.

So, twice a day I can be observed in the front garden carefully watering my plastic flowers.
You have to bend right down and peer at it forcefully before you catch sight of any of the real shoots so to the casual observer I must appear completely off my trolley.
Love it.
I bet it has Merv perplexed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo.

On Saturday night we went to the theatre to see Shear Madness.
If you ever see that this play is on DO go to see it.
It was absolutely hilarious.

Sunday our friend Gary, in the picture, asked us if we would like to go to his company picnic at the zoo.
I love most zoos and Milwaukee has an excellent one.
The weather was glorious, warm and sunny.
They had a special exhibit on .........Australian birds (mostly budgies but a few others) that you could get close to.
They gave you little sticks that had millet stuck on them.
We had a lot of fun feeding the little hooligans......budgies are hooligans but a lot of fun too.
It took me back to when I used to breed them, budgies, cockatiels,finches etc.
I can't have an aviary here as the winters are too cold.
I would have to knit them little sweaters and bobble hats or heat the aviary.
Don't fancy that though, it costs enough to heat the house without heating a shed as well.
Plus, there would always be the worry that the heating might fail.
I really don't need any more to worry about.

Gary's company provided wonderful food and beer for the picnic and there was even a Mariachi Band strolling around playing all those old Mexican favourites we all know and love.
Well.......they were playing stuff that all the old Mexicans seemed to know and love.
I just love it because they all seem to be having a wonderful time and obviously enjoying themselves.
Mexicans seem very good at enjoying themselves. Perhaps I should have been Mexican.

We were all exhausted by the end of the day.
We are going to be doing this all again soon when Lauren arrives. She loves animals and the zoo is a must for her.

We have men coming tomorrow to measure up for the carpet in her bedroom.
I am hoping they can jiggle it so that what they cut off in one place might fit somewhere else.
It is a big room.....more than 18 feet long and 13.5 feet wide, which means it is wider than the roll of carpet.
I hope it won't cost a fortune but we have to get rid of that burnt orange shag pile than is haunting the room at the moment.

Friday, June 12, 2009

How many kinds of flowers grow in an English country garden?

I thought my "follower" might like to see this.

This is a photo of my flowers alongside my garage from a couple of years ago.

This is a photo of my "Instant English Country Garden Flower Carpet" that I put down about 3 weeks ago.
Not terribly instant is it!
Not really anything is it !

This morning I noticed some lumpy bits in it and on closer inspection I found these to be weeds which are growing up from underneath it.
So, tomorrow I am going to buy the artificial flowers and poke them in this monstrosity.
It will give me a bit of a giggle and I won't have to water it.

I feel a bit better today.
The throat isn't nearly so sore and I have a little more energy.

Glenn phoned yesterday. It seems the burglaries were the last straw and he is going to move back to Ashford.
Of course he will need to find a job so he has asked Donna to send him the newspapers.
This will make things much easier for me when I come over (cheaper too) as when I visited him in Portsmouth I always stayed at a B&B for a few days.
If he is in Ashford then I can see more of him during my stay.
It will be lovely to be able to just pop round and see him.
I think he plans on moving within the next few weeks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

See it all in Milwaukee

We went to River Rhythms last night.
I really shouldn't have as I was beginning to feel dodgy.
But, it was the first night and I had been looking forward to it for ages.
The guy in the picture above was there. Not sure what he was thinking. He wore one cowboy boot and one trainer.
Apart from the shorts and red jacket he wore pearls and a white rose on his head.
I'm sure he thought he looked lovely.......and actually he did look quite lovely.

There were other odd people there (apart from me, Philip and Gary).
There was a middle - aged couple who were dancing........well, sort of dancing. They would prance around a bit, waving their arms around and then the guy would suddenly pick her up and throw her around.
She was going all over the place, upside down, round about.
It got to the point where I couldn't look as where they were dancing was concrete and I was waiting for her to land on her head.
There were a group of young lads near us who were in hysterics at them. At least it entertained them for the evening.

Then there was the inflatable pirate.
Always need one of those.

Anyway, I didn't feel good all evening.
I had a rotten night's sleep with sore throat and earache.
Today I feel pants.
Of course we haven't been anywhere for ages but this weekend we are going to the theatre on Saturday to see Shear Madness which is a murder/ mystery/ comedy play and then on Sunday we are going to Gary's company picnic at Milwaukee Zoo.
Trust me to get ill when we have some nice things to do.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Odd Sort of Day

A mixed day.

Firstly a friend let me know that someone had passed away.
Someone who we hoped would hang on long enough to see her daughter get married in August.
Sadly this wasn't to be.

I found out today that Glenn has been burgled .........twice in two days.
It seems he even saw them getting out of the broken kitchen window the second time.
Apparently they looked around 14 years old.
I do hope he has secured that window and informed the police.
Something else to worry about.

Then work. The usual number of idiots on the other end of the phone.
What worries me is that the more obtuse of these people seem to work for banks.
These are the people who are supposed to be taking care of our money.

I had been home for around an hour when the person I work for rang me.
Oh dear, what had I forgotten to do?
But no, it was nothing like that.
She rang me to tell me about the enormous poo she had just done.
What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I told her maybe she should have taken a picture of it and then she could have shown me.

This evening is the first week of River Rhythms.....the free live concerts in the park Downtown.
I am so looking forward to it as it heralds the beginning of summer for me.
We are meeting Gary there.

I have totally given up on my flower mat.
I intend to visit Dollar Tree (this is a shop a lot like a Pound Stop or whatever they are called in Blighty).......and I shall buy a load of artificial flowers.
I shall then take them outside and poke them into my flower mat.
Let Merv laugh at that.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anyone seen Toto?

Yesterday had its exciting moments.
I was on the computer, in the basement, when I heard a noise from upstairs.
I had left the telly on and it was now emitting a familiar screech.
Tornado warning.
I put Fox 6 on as they are local.
They were tracking the storm and it was heading my way.
All the usual advice :-
Go to the basement.
Keep away from windows.
If outside find a ditch to lie down in.

Good job I was indoors because I don't know of any ditches around here.

Anyway, this happens around this time most years so I didn't worry too much.
I made a cup of tea.
That's proper British that is.
Make a cup of tea.
Solves everything.
Cures most things.
A nice cup of tea........."ah you will, you will, you will..........YOU WILL".

But, then the sky got very black and sirens outside started wailing, so discretion being the better part of valour (and I have always found it far more sensible to be discreet rather than valorous) I took my "nice cup of tea" and headed back to the basement.

This isn't much of a hardship as the computers are down there anyway.
I waited until the sirens stopped before I went back up.
All was well, no damage.
The nice man on the telly said the storm cell that had produced a tornado was now heading out over Lake Michigan.
Here is a word for you Scrabble players.
Apparently we had a Gustnado too.
I thought he was making it up but I just looked it up and there is such a thing.
Anyway, both tornadoes (apparently there were two) and the gustnado passed just south of us.
Some damage and a lot of people without power for quite a while.
But it could have been a lot worse.
I am glad I wasn't waiting for a bus at the time. He didn't give any instructions about what to do if you are waiting for a bus when the tornado hits.
Make sure you have a tight hold on your ticket is probably sound advice.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Still a work in progress

A busy weekend.
Saturday we did some shopping for Lauren's bedroom and then went to the gym.
I have to admit it is getting easier now although my back was a little bit dodgy.
I can do ab crunches more easily than I could before, not like some of the people in there though.
Some of the blokes were doing pull ups with huge weights tied to their belts.
I wouldn't have been able to lift the weights let alone do pull ups with them.

Back then to inspect the flower mat, on which Philip says he can see one or two teeny, tiny shoots.
I saw them too but they are really tiny.
It looked like someone had got this 20 feet of carpet and planted 6 cress seeds spaced out along it.
Rather sad really.

Sunday we went shopping again and bought the above curtain pole and various pink accessories.
We have decided to get the pink (notice a bit of a theme here) sparkly shear curtains and white blinds for her bedroom.
This room seems never ending.
Next week we will order the carpet from the first place we went .......not from the obnoxious salesman in that other place.

Alan phoned on Thursday, his second call since he went back in February.
We always call him back to save him the money but he doesn't like us to call him first as it has to be at night for him and if he isn't there his landlady would have to answer.
He sounds ok and work is ok. Philip wasn't in as he was golfing so he is going to call again Tuesday.

Last night we had amazing thunderstorms and torrential rain. I am going out in a minute to see if my flower mat has either :

1, produced millions of exotic flowers.
2, completed washed away.

Then I shall go and start removing (or trying to) the cork tiles from our bedroom.
That is a lovely job.

Friday, June 5, 2009

See the above picture........well it is a great big fib.

I have now been watering this bloody thing for 2 weeks.
Not even a tiddy shoot.
So, today I thought I would look around online to see if anyone else had a problem with it.
Sigh........I wish I would do this before I buy things.

It seems no one has ever got a flower with this product.
Some people continued to water it for 3 months before giving up.
A couple of people had one weed grow each.

I don't think I shall mess around with it for much longer.
I look such a nellie standing out there watering what looks like
a lump of cardboard twice a day.

The neighbours are all probably giggling behind their curtains.
I bet if Merv had bought one it would have grown.
It would have been too scared not to.

I am writing this blog to my follower.
I am thrilled that I actually have one.
So, dear follower, never, ever waste your hard earned cash on an "Instant Flower Garden" because it is pants.
See......I am spreading the word......albeit to only one person but it is a start.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another First

Oh this picture brought back a memory.
Some years ago a bunch of us decided to go to GenCon which was being held at Pontin's Camber Sands.
I believe there were 2 or 3 car loads of us.
I remember travelling with Steve Abbott, Martin and I am not sure who else was in the car.
In front of us was Philip, Alan, Big Big Steve and possibly someone else...can't remember who was where.
Anyway, as we approached Check Point Charlie ......otherwise known as the entrance to Pontin's, we noticed that Alan, Big Big Steve and one other, all looked just like the above photo.......desperately trying to get their heads out of the car.
I can still see the look of revulsion on Big Big Steve's face.
I was puzzled.
I have had a sheltered upbringing and I just could not understand what was wrong.
But, Steve Abbott soon put me wise.

"Looks like Philip must have farted" he said, in a most matter of fact fashion.

All became clear.
When I looked again I could see him laughing whilst all around him were grossed out.
I was sooooo glad I wasn't in that car.
The above photo is spot on.

Another first.
Well, it isn't often we get to do a "first".
Having a rubber chicken as one of the groomsmen at our wedding in Las Vegas proved to be a first.
But, I have another one to add.
I used to have a bit of a reputation for crashing computers some years ago.
I know Jose doesn't read this blog but if he did he would confirm that at one time I could cause his computer to crash from feet away.
At the time he had his computer in a spare room upstairs and it got to the point where I was not allowed up there as it would all go wobbly as soon as I got to the door.
Well.......last night.......whilst playing Lord of The Rings Online........I crashed my computer.
Not news I hear you mutter.
T'is........because I did not get a "Blue Screen of Death" this time.
I got...

"The Red Screen of Death".

Even Philip was amazed. He had never seen a Red Screen of Death before.

I did a "Green Screen of Death" one time too but this one was awesome.
I wonder where that came from.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where have all the flowers gone?

Well I just went out to water the flowers in the flower carpet thingy.
Or should I say that I went out to water the flower carpet thingy as there is no sign of any poxy flowers yet.
Not even a teeny shoot.
I haven't seen any stray hippopotamusssessss around either, so I can't blame them.
I hope this thing isn't a con.
It says I have to water it twice a day...........which I have done.
It says it suppresses weeds and retains water.................NOT.
I found a lovely bunch of mushrooms growing up from the middle of it this morning.
It also dries out in no time.
Perhaps I should have just eaten the mushrooms although they would probably have turned out to be toadstools.
I wonder why they are called toadstools?
I have never seen a toad sitting on one.
Do they have little bars which they can't reach to drink their beer without a toadstool?
Maybe the gnomes have pinched them all so they can fish in ponds.

Enough of this highbrow stuff.

I think we have finished painting Lauren's bedroom.
I say think because every time I think it is finished another glaring fault burrows it's way into my eyes.
The walls in this room have lots of ins and outs.
Instead of doing both long walls pale pink and both end walls deeper pink we decided to do all the inny outy bits facing one way pale pink and all the inny outy bits facing the other way deeper pink.
With me so far?
This sounds easy.........t'isn't.
We (I ) had to tape all the edges of the walls for one colour, then when that dried I had to tape all the edges of the painted wall before doing the next colour.
Still with me?
This would give a clean edge. I am a bit of a perfectionist where this type of thing is concerned (Philip has been known to call me Adrian Monk from the TV series .....it is very good if you have not seen it give it a try).
Anyway, I knew I could not live with a wobbly edge (ooo errrr Matron).
We did all the painting, let it dry and then yesterday I took the tape off.
Horror of horrors.........the tape is pants and has not stuck completely, allowing dribbles of one colour to encroach on the other colour.
So, this morning I have been up there with a tiny art brush and have gone along each edge, floor to ceiling with it, tidying up wobbly bits.
Of course at the same time I kept finding little places that the roller hasn't quite covered so I have been over all those with a brush too.
I reached the point, as I do with artwork, where I had to force myself to walk away.
Enough is enough....it is done.
I know I shall never be entirely happy with it but I think it is as good as it is going to get and I have to get over it.
At least now we know what we will be dealing with when we decorate our bedroom. ...and there are not so many inny outy bits.

Always gets complicated.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's up with Facebook?

Well.......what is up with Facebook or is it me?

It either won't load for me or it takes so long I have given up and come here.
I thought it might be just a problem for one day but it has been like this for days now.
I am thinking of giving up on the whole thing.

Does anyone else (if there is anyone else reading this) have this problem?

Oh ...the picture is an old one of when we went to Scotland.
This is Frank with the Knight.
I forgot to take him with us when we went to Dubuque.........I bet he is mad.