Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another one bites the dust.

It was a great shock to check BBC News Online this morning and to see that dear Alan Rickman has died.
He, like David Bowie, was 69.
That is 3.
My mum always said deaths come in 3s.
Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

What an amazing actor and thoroughly nice man he was.
Yes, it is all over social media.......and why not?
Although most of us didn't know him personally, he was so well loved, for his talent and for the wonderful roles he took on.
Rest in peace Alan.  I hope this is the 3 and that there will be no more.

The first time I noticed him was in this role.

He stole the show, as he usually did.
As they say, he will be a hard act to follow.

On another note.
My big dragon, the one I bought in Folkestone some years ago.  The one that filled an entire suitcase. The one that I lugged all the way back to Milwaukee at the time when we were allowed to bring 2 suitcases.....yes that one, took a dive the other day.
It was entirely my fault.
It has always been a bit unstable (nothing new in this household) but now that my hands seem to have developed a will of their own, I was moving it from the cupboard with a view to putting back on the shelf, when it fell.
It fell mightily.
Fortunately, I happen to have the guru of model making and puzzles staying with me at the moment.
He immediately took charge and said something along the lines of
"We can re-build him".

He was fantastic.
Such patience......and almost no swearing.
My poor dragon was soon returned to his former glory.

He is, back on his shelf.
I will admit I would have been devastated if he had been irreparable and been consigned to the bin.
Thank you Alan.  You did a great job.

Today has been was almost 'up' to freezing point.
All week it has been ridiculously, brutally cold.  I feel so sorry for the animals here in the winter.
I do put out food for the possum, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels and feral cats but I have noticed in the extreme cold they don't come out much.  Even the birds don't come to the feeder when the temperature falls to minus 20C.
But, they still need to eat.
Hopefully, some will come out tonight and tomorrow because it is meant to be going back to frigid temps starting on Saturday.
We've had some more snow on top of the our original snow with more in the forecast.
Poor little animals.......I wish I could bring them all inside.


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