Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello Dolly

We went to see Lauren's high school musical on Friday.
Here is a picture of the cast and stage crew.
Lauren is about 3 in from the right.
At the back you may just see a man with grey hair.  He is the Mayor of Milwaukee.
He had come along to see it too.
We hadn't realised he was in the audience.
I had never seen Hello Dolly before and I knew nothing of the plot.
It was wonderful.
Good god there are some amazing voices in that cast. When you are watch it, it is hard to remember that these are high school students.
I love the fact that there were some many guys in it too.  The leading man is also on the football team (American football of course).  He was a great big lad who looked about 30.
Quite surprising to us that a tough, footballing guy was proud to star in a musical like Hello Dolly.
There was lots of singing and dancing.
So much work had gone into it.
The last performance was this afternoon.  Lauren, who was stage crew this time ( she can't do a southern American accent), has really worked hard on this since October.
She loves it.
Alan came with us and even he enjoyed it.

Stage crew.....Lauren 2nd from left.
Well done Ronald Reagan High School.  You all did a great job.
I know that the staff put in an awful lot of hours on this too.  Well done to them also.

They are already talking about the next production.
There is talk of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which I really don't like) or West Side Story.
Lauren really wants to do Rocky Horror as she has more of a chance of getting in that than she has West Side Story....accent again.
I asked her to suggest Return to The Forbidden Planet.
I know they could do it and it wouldn't matter what accent you have for that.
We shall see...........
Oops.........time to Reverse Polarity.


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