Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sci Fi.......fond memories.

We went to Binary Bar, the one that Donna recommended, on Thursday evening.
It is quite unusual for me to go out in the evening at the end of January.
But, oh it was so worth it.
There is nothing else like it that I know of in Milwaukee.  I am so glad we managed to go during Alanmas as he really enjoyed it.

There is so much memorabilia in this place.

It was like being in 10 Forward or maybe 5 Backwards.

Everywhere you looked there was more cool stuff.

It was very busy when we first arrived but we found a table.  We looked at all the games on offer.
You can donate a $1, if you wish, and then play any game you like.  There were, board games, card games, trivia....and just loads more.
There were a pool table, air hockey...and various other pub type games.
It was also a brilliant place to people watch.  I am good at that.
Everyone seemed so happy and friendly.  Even though there were all ages in there, it still reminded me of a student union bar.
Memories of GenCon at Loughborough University came back and the good times we had there.

Every now and then we would go for a walk round and find even more stuff.
The food and drinks were cheap too (again like a student union).  They even catered for oddities like me, someone who doesn't eat animals.
I had a veggie burger, salad and chips and it came to $5.
I think the carnivores had burgers too.  It was all really good.

Alan and Philip had a few games of darts.
Neither of them had played for years but they did really well.  Well, they did a bloody sight better than I would have done.
I blame my poorly hands but, in truth, I was always crap at darts.

Philip on the ockey. I think Eric Bristow would never had anything to worry about but these two did enjoy themselves.  So much so, that Philip bought a dartboard the next day.
They played darts in the basement yesterday too, but today there arms hurt so much they couldn't play at all.
I did chuckle. Oh...and look at the sign on the wall....hehehe.

One last photo of Godzilla and the Alien Queen, at least I think that is who it is.
We had a fab night and I hope we go back.
We always say we will but, particularly in the winter, it is very easy to settle in front of the telly, or computer and stay indoors.
We should really try.

Finally, they managed to get some of the Christmas decorations in this weekend.
Not all though.  The ground is so frozen that it is impossible to get the stakes out.  So, Santa and his sleigh and reindeer are still out there...along with other things.
I wonder if I will be able to put easter eggs in the sleigh this year?


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