Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This made me giggle.
There a lot of stickman (Bill) memes showing up on facebook.
They try to tell you how to behave in various circumstances.  They get on my wick.
It would seem they get on a lot of people's wicks.
Hopefully they will fade away soon.

I seem to have hurt my knee.
I was putting out the squirrel corn last night and I slipped on, what was once snow, but is now 6 inch deep ice.
I didn't think I had done much damage but after a night of little sleep, I found I could barely walk this morning.
I have had to sit still for most of the day, which I find quite difficult.
Fortunately, it is our Alanmas dinner tonight, cooked by the man himself.
So, at least I don't have to worry about preparing dinner.
He is very busy in the kitchen and the aromas are wonderful.
I shall take photos.

Heh heh.......I can't walk much at the moment but as soon as I can I shall be doing this.

I wonder why people allow themselves to become bitter?
Bitterness, like hatred, is a very destructive emotion.
I rarely use the word 'hate' and never involving a person.  I might hate actions, like abuse (child, animal etc) but 'hate' is such a terrible word that I could never use it against a person.
Hate should be reserved for the very worst situations, wars, cruelty, violence and brutality.  Even then it just eats away at the hater, making them become more bitter.  I have had dreadful, really awful things happen in my life, but it will never make me hate anyone.  Well, I suppose this is just my opinion and if people want to hate then they should go right ahead.


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