Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh dear.

Friday was my birthday.
One of my dear nephews sent me this compilation of photos from many years ago.
The top right is on my wedding day.
The top left is with my nephew John and the middle one has John and my nephew, David, he is the one that put this together.
Ok so not all of them are very flattering but it was such a lovely thought.
My birthday went well.
I got some new jewellery making supplies and a lovely charm for my bracelet.
I got lots of cards...thank you to everyone, and lots and lots of birthday messages on facebook.
All in all I was very lucky.
Saturday we went out for a meal in a seafood restaurant.  It was mostly nice although Philip's fish was overcooked.
The restaurant itself was very good and I would go back.

It all fell apart Sunday evening.
I had a phone call from my friend's brother.  The friend I work with.
He had just taken her to the hospital.  She had had a stroke.
I was so shocked.
He was phoning me so that I could find out who her clients were and cancel her appointments.
I wanted to go straight to the hospital but he asked us to meet him at the house first.

We did and then I got so angry with her.
I was already shocked and upset but when he told me she had had this stroke on Saturday morning but had refused to go to the hospital.........I couldn't believe it.
She was totally unable to talk, cannot eat, drink or swallow and her right side had been affected.
How can you think you are ok?
The shame is that if you get medical treatment quickly there is a drug they give you which, not only reduces the bleed, lessening the damage, but also makes for a far speedier recovery.
She couldn't talk, couldn't walk but wouldn't even see a doctor.  She must have gone to bed Saturday night like that.  Did she think she would wake up in the morning and be ok?
I know she is obstinate but I just don't understand this.  I would have been afraid to go to bed in case I died in the night.
It wasn't until her auntie happened to call in on Sunday afternoon, saw her condition and told her that if she didn't go to the hospital she would call and ambulance, that she went.
It was more than 24 hours since she had the stroke.......too late for this wonderful drug to help.

Anyway, we set off to the hospital.  Poor thing, she really cannot say a word.  Apparently it isn't just that your muscles are affected, it is the connections from your brain that are damaged meaning you can't make any sounds.
By now, of course, I wasn't angry with her.  I was just upset to see her like that.
I told her I would take care of all work issues and when she appeared tired we left and went back to her place so I could make some calls.
Her brother, bless him, hadn't grasped this very well.  He told me we should cancel her appointments for 3 days.
3 gods.   It is going to be a hell of a lot longer than three days.

Today I went and sorted out some more of her appointments.  I have no idea how long it is going to take before she is able to work again.
She will be so frustrated and so impatient.
I am going to see her again this evening.   I fear it is going to be quite a long haul.
I just hope she does what they tell her to do.

I am not sure what she managed to take in with her so I am going to pop round to the chemist's in a minute and get her some toothpaste, brush etc.
I am so worried.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Madness

A weird week.
Firstly, after feeling quite a bit better on Friday, Saturday I was pants.
I felt really poorly again.
Another day in my blankie.
Sunday wasn't much better and I was beginning to think that maybe I now had a sinus infection rather than just a cold.
I wasn't happy about this.
This would mean a trip to the doctor which means money.
Funny isn't it?  We never had to think like that in England.
Do, please look after your National Health Service because it is a wonderful thing.
I went to see my doctor a couple of months ago.
I get a bill for each doctor visit, regardless of treatment.
This time she thought I should have a blood test, just a routine one, as I hadn't had one for a while.
It was all fine, apart from my cholesterol, which is old news.
I had forgotten all about it until a bill just came.  Fortunately our insurance does cover some of it but.........
the bill for one routine blood test came to.............$605.
I dread to think how much a hospital stay would cost. An operation!!!!!   No wonder people go bankrupt over medical bills here.

Anyway, I digress.  Above is a photo from the kitchen window on Monday morning.
Yep it was back.
Philip phoned and said it had taken him two and a half hours to drive to work and he had seen 19 accidents on the way.
He then got stuck behind snow ploughs.
It did set the scene for another first though.
It was the first time I have ever seen Donald and Daisy in the snow.

There they are digging for bird seed.
Tich and Quackers must be feeling the pinch as we have seen Donald chase them away a couple of times.
I wonder if they will keep coming back or give up.

The snow is mostly gone now and today I ventured to the mall.
My cold is easing up and occasionally I can even breathe.
I caught the bus.
Entertainment was laid on.

There was a black couple on the bus.  The loudest people I have ever encountered.
At first I thought they were having a row but then I realised that they were just having a conversation.
It was hilarious.
She asked him about his girlfriend, who apparently is a bus driver.  Oh you must all understand that this dialogue was liberally sprinkled with f...kers...... f..king b.tches..and ..just f..king in general.
Back to the girlfriend who is a bus driver.
Apparently, he isn't seeing that f..king b.tch any more.  Why was that you wonder?
Well, it seems she was a very big f..king girl.
The lady (I use this term in the loosest sense) was surprised at this.
But, it seems the girlfriend had looked smaller when she was driving the bus and he only realised how big she was when she stood up.
Oh...and she accused him of having an 'attitude'.

This couple must have been from the other side of town as they were gazing out of the windows in something like awe.
They seemed almost lost, when the female said, "Oh we are right out in f..king no man's land here."
All this was broadcast at around 100 decibels.
It was delicious.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brandy - pants.

The brandy didn't work.
Oh it made me feel a little better while I was drinking it but as soon as I went to bed I felt dreadful again.
Only worse...because I was unable to take any jollop because I had drunk two brandies.
No sleep for me.

I haven't felt this poorly in years.
I have been taking stuff during the day and other stuff at night and none of it seems to work.
After yet another night without sleep I wrapped myself up and walked to the pharmacy on the corner today.
I bought two things.
Alka Seltzer Severe Cold and Flu capsules.
Mucinex nigh time congestion pills.
Just those two things came to $36.

I bloody hope they work.

I have been using the spare bedroom in the hope that I don't give this lurgy to Philip.
Of course all the cats have to join me, bless 'em, but it makes it so difficult when I keep needing to turn over as I am all bunged up.

Donna's cats will be arriving here around the beginning of July.
Then we shall have to have some slow introductions.
I like to hope everyone will play nice but I know how these things can go.

At least being poorly has enabled me to get on with my knitting.  I haven't spent much time on the computer or World of Warcraft as I just want to sit on the sofa wrapped in a blankie.
My World of Warcraft characters - Gladly, Glumly, Mostly, Shortly and Ploppy etc. must be wondering where I am.
But, at least I am getting some more blankets made for the pet rescue.  I can do that whilst sitting on the sofa.
Maybe I should knit something else.
This perhaps?

Monday, March 16, 2015


Donald and Daisy have returned.
Not only have they returned, but they also brought a couple of pals with them.
I was so surprised when I saw 4 ducks in the garden eating the fallen bird seed.
They have been named Tich and Quackers.
The word of 'rich pickings' or 'soft touch' is obviously spreading.
I hope they don't bring any more or we shall have to build them a pond.
Oooh....I wonder if they could be their children?
The boys seem to squabble a bit over the seed while the girls just tuck in.
Philip says they are just typical blokes.  Maybe he is right.

As you can see - the snow is now all gone.  Well, maybe just a bit left in the back garden.
The weather is glorious.  It is warm and sunny and so of course I immediately get sick.
I have felt crappity crap crap for the last 3 days.
Horrid throat, sore ears and feverish.
Bloody marvellous.

Strange thing........since the weather warmed up we have had no sign of  Mini Merv the chipmunk.
He was outside in all that snow and ice, but now it is rather pleasant he is staying in bed.
I have a feeling he has 'special needs'.

I think I might have a little lie down now.
I am not sleeping well at night even though I took some jollop.
I might have a couple of brandies tonight to see if that works any better.
It will be far more enjoyable even if it doesn't.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


We are having something of a thaw.
Not before time.
Merv has been out helping it along.  I am a bit worried about him.  He doesn't seem his usual self and he didn't take care of his hole much throughout this winter.
I wonder if he has a bad back?

Mini Merv, the chipmunk, is thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather, as am I.
I went to the mall yesterday by myself, the first time I have done that since before Alanmas.
It was so good to walk.
Just walking to and from the bus stop was a joy to me.

I have also been busy crafty...or jewellery making to be exact.
As I may have mentioned before, I got the tools etc for Christmas.   I have been wanting to have go at making jewellery for a long time.
Today I made pendants.

This is a little vial or bottle, filled with gemstone chips.
I have also added a charm of a cat.
A lot of my friends like cats so I thought it was a good place to start.

Another with a kitty, but I do have other charms.

This has a cowboy boot.
I can make them with dogs, starfish, birds, flowers, seahorses and lots more.
I think it is just nice to have something you can personalise.

Another cat but a different type of charm.

I also made this pendant.
It is an Austrian crystal and very pretty.
I made some more earrings and will probably make some more tomorrow.
I have also had a business proposition to be able to sell them.  I will look into that more closely.
First I would have to make a lot more stuff as the few things I have wouldn't exactly fill a shop.
They wouldn't even fill a wall.
Small beginnings.

Then there was something strange in the bed.

Alan's bed.  I think it might be a Tootsie.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I am not one for taking selfies.
I just know I will look awful.  I know some people love taking them. Some have really, really close up photos of their faces splashed all over their facebook pages.
They must have supreme self confidence to put them up there.  I don't mean your normal, run of the mill selfie but your extremely up close and personal selfie.
Fortunately for everyone, I do not have that sort of confidence.
This is what I have always imagined my photos would turn out like.

I wonder if these people take loads of photos, discarding many and keeping the most flattering?
I still think mine would be pants.
Maybe a bit like this.

I  think even this would be better than anything I could pose for.
I need longer arms.
I need my arms to stretch way across to the other side of the room.
The further away the camera is from my gob the better I look.
I might have a go in a minute.
I was looking at the stats for my blog.
Do you know I seem to have a huge following in Romania?
I draw a fair crowd from the Ukraine, France, Germany, Guernsey and Ireland too.
There are a few in Poland and India who also know all about Merv and his hole.
That is apart from the USA and UK.
Who are these people?
How does anyone in Romania find my blog in the first place and then keep coming back for another look?
I find it rather puzzling.

Ready? Squint a bit.

It came out a lot better than I expected.
My hair could have done with some attention before I took it.
I will remember that if I ever pluck up enough courage to take another.
I might even use this as my facebook profile picture.
Ha ha....I thought it was going to be the sort of photo you hang in the shed to keep the mice off your mushrooms.
But then again.......maybe it is.

Wish my arms were just a bit longer though.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mini Merv

Well, that chippy has now been officially named Mini Merv.
After the latest snow fall filled in the tunnel he had dug out of the previous load of snow, I thought he might decide to stay asleep until it had all gone.
But the next morning when I looked out........there was the evidence.
He had dug his way out again and made his way across the snow to the bird seed.
He has also taken to sitting by this hole every day.
Philip couldn't barely belief it when I pointed him out.
We have been warned that yet another big winter storm is heading our way for late tomorrow and Tuesday.
Apparently, we are about to get hammered by Thor.
I don't know why they had taken to naming these storms but I have noticed they are no longer using the term 'snow event'.
I wonder if that is because no one ever bought tickets.

So many people are saddened by the death of Leonard Nimoy.
I too was so sad to hear he had gone.
I have never heard a bad word against this guy.  He seemed like a genuinely nice person.
He, as an actor, played many roles but without doubt the one he will be remembered for worldwide is Mr Spock.
People just took to this strange, sometimes difficult, sometimes anguished character whom he played in the Star Trek series on TV and in films.
I think we all could identify with Spock's problems at one time or another.

I have seen many tributes to him but the one that has touched me the most was today as we were driving past Bartz Party Supply Store.
They have a huge billboard outside which is usually filled with advertising for the current special offers and bargains.
Today it had just one word.


It needed no explanation.
How wonderful is that?
To be remembered by the use of one word, not a phrase, just one word.