Friday, February 12, 2016

Birthdays and Daffodils

Alan's Birthday cake for 2016

I have had these football decorations for ages but they still come out every year.
We went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's for his birthday, one of our favourites.  It was all lovely.

When we came back he blew out his candles and tried the cake.
I'm happy to say it met with his approval.
This year it is a chocolate cake.  Last year was a ginger cake, before that there has been a carrot cake and fruit cakes.
I wonder what I will do next year?  Any suggestions?  

The weather hasn't been very lovely though.
It did this....again....

Mind you Father Christmas and his reindeer look very festive.  Well, except the one that has fallen over.  His nose is buried in the snow, poor thing.
They managed to get the stakes of some of the decorations out of the ground but these are still totally frozen in.

Of course that resulted in this.
Alan never seems to mind a bit of shovelling, which is just as well.  Facebook keeps throwing up memories of "This day 1 year ago"..." This day 2 years ago" ....etc.
Every bloody day, going back 6 years, shows photos of poor Alan shovelling snow.
I think it might have something to do with the time of year :)

To top it all we have horrendously low temperatures again right now.  We are going to see the Admiral's ice hockey tonight and I think it will be warmer on the ice than it is outside.
Minus 30 C (with windchill) continuing over the weekend and into next week.
Winter drawers on yet again.
I understand in the UK snowdrops and daffodils are blooming........sigh....I have never seen a daffodil or snowdrop here.  I have seen the odd tulip but never until about June.
I do miss them.

I shall just have to make do with this arrangement of daffs and sunflowers, made and sent over to me from England, by an old work colleague.
Thanks Fred. They are still on my kitchen windowsill after all these years.


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