Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teefs again.......

I had to phone the dentist today.
I have another couple of weeks before I go back for the next part of the root canal, but yesterday the blooming thing started hurting again.....big time.
I spoke to the receptionist who then got the dentist (the nice one) he said there must be some more infection there and he phoned the chemist with another prescription for me.
So, I am back on the antibiotics again.

Tuesday I did my first stint in the animal rescue place.
It was fab.
I managed NOT to bring home any kitties so that is a bit of a first too.
I am going to do some portraits of the cats in there and with any luck it will promote my pet portrait mallarky.
They will let me display them and then if any are sold they can have a percentage.
Early days yet but you never know.

I am getting a little nervous about the citizenship test next week.
Philip doesn't say much but he did dream last night that he was in a 3 day queue trying to get in, so it must be on his mind.
I shall have to think about what I am going to wear.
Would a cowboy hat be appropriate do you think?

Monday, April 25, 2011


I am more than a bit miffed.
Donna phoned her father last night to check on arrangements for being picked up at the airport etc. today.
Towards the end of the conversation she asked about Glenn as we have been trying to contact him for over a week.
Glenn isn't the best in the world at picking the blooming phone up so we had tried ...home phone and mobile phone......without success.
Her father then told her that Glenn has been in hospital since last Tuesday.
He has diverticulitis, which is basically what he had all the surgeries for last year.
He is unlikely to be out before this Tuesday.
Bearing in mind how quickly hospitals chuck you out these days, I think he must be pretty rough to have been kept in this long.
Infection and antibiotics were mentioned and I can only assume that these must have been given intravenously for them to keep him in.
But why hadn't we been told?
Donna and I were both very upset.
Had she been at home she would have known what was going on and she would have kept me informed. Instead of which no one knew.
Glenn has probably been in there all this time with no visitors.........except his father maybe.

Donna is going to find out more as soon as she gets back and then let me know.
I am wondering what the long term plan is for him as he can't keep going back into hospital every few months.
I am trying very hard not to be angry as that is a waste of time. Anger doesn't achieve anything and is destructive. I will not allow that to happen.
I shall just have to rely on Donna telling me what is going on.

They went back this morning. I got up to see them go at 4am.
They are currently en route and expect to land around 10pm UK time.
I am already missing them. I have tidied the house and put a lot of Lauren's "stuff" away.
I liked it when it was messy.
They plan to come back at the end of July for a month this time.
So I just have to look forward to that and hope that Glenn's health improves.

Bubba is having more tests on his blood. If they prove negative for a thyroid problem (treatable with medication) then he will have x rays to see what is going on.
Poor big, ole, soppy Bubba.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Teefs & Fings.

We had to cancel Bubba's teeth cleaning.
He still has the trots and we really need to know what is going on with him.
The antibiotics didn't cure it so the vet needed a blood test.
This is so easy to say..........
Anyway, we took him Thursday but he was so dehydrated they couldn't get any blood.
So, they stuck a needle in him and gave him fluids.
Back he went today for the blood test which they managed to get this time.
Cats are funny creatures though.
The ramifications of his trip to the vet's has impacted all the other three cats.
Bubba came back smelling "vetty"......he smelled of the antiseptic they used.
So, all three other kitties will have nothing to do with him.
Lily is not only hissing at him but hissing at anyone who has had contact with him.
Looby Loo and Lollipop have retreated under the bed and will not come out.
Silly buggers.
Poor Bubba. He is like Billy No Mates.

The others are still looking for a vacant lap when they have the chance.

I went to the orthodontist yesterday re root canal problems.
The dentist I saw last week was horrid. She was very abrupt and unhelpful, so I was very nervous in case this one was the same or worse.
He was lovely. LOVELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He made me feel comfortable right from the start. He, and his assistant, were chatty and fun.
When I told him I was nervous........he said "Yes so am I. We can be nervous together".
He spent time talking to me, explaining what he was going to do and also cracking jokes.
He was interested in where I was from, why I was in Milwaukee and very interested in the citizenship test questions.
Neither he nor his assistant got any of the ones I asked them right.
OK, so I was in the chair for 2 hours and root canals are not a favourite form of entertainment, but, he made it so much more bearable by being kind and human.
He told me it would be painful and sore when my face woke up but said it should only feel bruised. Anything worse than that and he said I should ring him.
It was exactly as he said it should be and today I still can't open my mouth much but that is maybe not such a bad thing :)
It has to be left to heal now for 3 weeks then I go back and he will finish it off.
This time, although I will not be looking forward to it, at least I will feel more confident in the dentist.
They should all be like him. He told me himself that he knows having your teeth messed about with isn't anyone's idea of fun so he makes it his business to lessen the anxiety with humour.
Good job too.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shivering gnomes

I took this photo this morning........April 18th.

Those poor gnomes.
They must have been dead chuffed that Lauren put them out in the sunshine.
This morning we woke up to 2 - 3 inches of snow and still snowing.
I should have rushed out there with little woolly jackets for them.
Last week we had temperatures in the 80s.
This is why I don't buy plants until mid May.
We have gone from heating to air conditioning and back to heating again in a few days.

I applied for another job today.
I don't know that I stand a chance but it doesn't hurt to try.

I went to the dentist (specialist) on Thursday about my root canalled, crowned tooth that has been a bother lately.
There was talk of re doing it, which is what I had expected.
Instead, the "specialist" dentist sneered at my x rays and announced I should have the tooth taken out and an implant put in.
I have to admit I didn't like her from the start. She was of a nationality that seems to be very forthright and had very poor 'bedside manner' to speak.
When I voiced my reluctance to go this route she said she could not guarantee that any further root canal procedure would work. She may not be able to do it.
I had already decided that whatever was going to be done would not be done by her.
She said I should have this implant which would take 9 months of messing about.
She then said "Well, what is the matter? Can't you afford it?"
So, I asked how much it would cost.
She sent in one of the office workers who arrived with a print out of costs.
She threw numbers at will pay this....won't pay that....etc. until I said "look just tell me what it would end up costing ME in total."
"$6550 "..........she said.
"Absolutely NOT"....said I.
How bloody ridiculous.
Dentist (specialist) then returned still mumbling how it might not work but then they couldn't guarantee that an implant would work either.
I was determined not to have her messing around in my gob so I am to see another guy on Thursday.
The theory is that he will re do the root canal.
Of course, after all that she said, I am now worried that it won't work.
If it doesn't and I have to have the tooth taken out then that will be that. No way can I afford the stupid implant.
If I had $6550 to spare I would be going on amazing holidays, not having a dodgy tooth implant.

Bubba is a bit poorly and I am worried about him.
He will not be having his teeth cleaned on Thursday. Instead he will be having some blood tests done.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They're here..........again....and it is brill.

Nothing much changes.....well except Lauren keeps getting taller and switching kitties.
It was Lily's turn for a cuddle this time.
It is wonderful having them here again. I am going to be mega sad when they leave.

I attended my "Mad Cat Woman" meeting.
There were about 12 of us there and right behind me sat 3 teenage girls.
They drove me nuts. Considering I have spent most of my working life with kids this age, I was a bit dismayed that they got on my nerves so.
It was the incessant, silly chatter..........I wanted to turn round and tell them to shut up.
Anyway, also behind me was and older lady who, during a break after we had filled in forms, asked me if I had a cat.
We then started chatting. She has one cat which she got from this rescue place. I told her it was time she had another one then.
The girls behind me turned out to be too young and would need a parent to come along and sign things for them.......phew !!
I was then asked when I could start and I told them it would be better for me after my company had left. So, I am starting on Tuesday April 26th, the day after they leave.
Then my new mate, Connie, was asked when she would like to be there and she said Tuesday too.
So, I have already made a new friend. I am so looking forward to this.

I was very sad for a few days after quitting last Wednesday.
I will not go into details but suffice to say there is only so much anyone can put up with before they say enough!
I do put up with a lot. This often leads people to think they can do what they like and I will always put up with it. Trouble is when I reach that point of no is literally return.
Everyone has a breaking point. I just take a little longer to reach it than most.

Donna has been out and about gallavanting a few times.
I am so pleased to see her enjoy herself as she doesn't go out much at home.
I tell her to make the most of a live in babysitter while she can.

Lauren has been in the garden putting my ornaments (yes gnomes etc) out for me.
She has just come in to say it is all done.
I must go and make all the right oooh and ahhhhh noises now.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gob trouble continues..

Lollipop's mum is coming back tomorrow.

Well the gob problem continues.
I phoned the dentist on Monday as I had finished the antibiotics and there was no improvement with the tooth pain at all.
The receptionist was very kind, took my details and then phoned me back a little while later.
The dentist had phoned through another prescription to the pharmacy.
I collected my new pills, shuddered a bit at the possible side effects (these are powerful antibiotics) but started taking them as the tooth needs to stop its shenanigens now.

As I said that was on Monday.
We are now at Thursday with still no improvement in the tooth.
I think the pills should have started to work by now.....even just a teeny improvement would be good.
But no. Nothing.
This leads me to believe it isn't an infection. The root of the tooth must be damaged, cracked or something.
The appointment with the specialist isn't until April 21st which seems like a lifetime away when your gob hurts.
I thought the antibiotics would take the pain away and I would be fine until I saw him.
Seems I thought wrong.

On another note.
Donna & Lauren should be arriving here tomorrow for two weeks.
I am very excited. It will be lovely having them here again.

We had a letter yesterday informing us of our Citizenship interview which will be on May 5th.
I shall be a nervous wreck by then.
Included was a list of more stuff they want us to bring.
I need to do a bit more studying too.

On Sunday I am going to a meeting for prospective volunteers at our local cat rescue place.
It is just an informal gathering to provide info on what is entailed.
I hope it is good and that they will like me.
If they don't then there is another one not too far away and I will apply there.
Oh yes...........and I quit my job today.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stress head me.

This is a Lily shaped lump in the bed. It most have been one of her "I am not getting up till the afternoon" days. Alright for some.

Been a bit of a boring week...........mostly.
I received a letter from the citizenship people.
I knew it couldn't be good before I opened it as there wasn't one for Philip.
Not routine then.
Having supplied every sort of detail, id, fingerprints, photos, birth certificate, marriage certificate, previous marriage certificate, previous divorce certificate, green card, passport....etc....the letter said that at my interview they would also need to see my state id.
I don't have a state id as this is usually your driving license which I don't have because I don't drive over here.
You can get a state id at the driving license place known as the DMV.
So, yesterday Philip came home a bit early and it was off to the DMV......they don't open Saturdays.

I got a new sparkly bowl as one of my birthday pressies.
Bubba is just testing it out for me.

The DMV is interesting. For any Brits who watch the Simpsons, it is where Marge's twin sisters work.
On Thursdays it is open until 5.30pm.
We arrived at 4.45pm only to be greeted by a queue that was not only out of the door, but stretched into the car park.
Were we even going to get in the door before 5.30pm?

We took our place and shuffled slowly forward, pausing only to glare at the person in front of us phoning her friend (who was about 10 people behind us) and suggesting she push in to join her.
We also did a bit of glaring at the friend just to reinforce the fact that no way was she getting past us. It worked. She stayed where she was.

I was beginning to wonder if I would be seen at all. I thought that if we were actually inside the door at 5.30pm we should be alright but my Mr Sunnysides thought that at 5.30pm they would just stop and throw everyone out. Fortunately he was wrong.

After filling in more paperwork I was sent the photographing area. To be honest as it was now after 5.30pm and with still so many people to see, I thought the people working there would be really miserable.
This time I was wrong. The guy taking the photos was a joy. When we have had green card & citizenship photos taken they are very strict. Hair back, no earrings and absolutely no smiling.
This guy joked and told me to smile if I wanted. I did. The photo looks almost human. And that makes a GREAT change.

I was given a number and told to wait again. Eventually when it was called we had to pay our money and give more information. I shall soon start running out of information to give.
Then they surprised me by saying the id card would be mailed to me. I don't understand that.
Everyone else seemed to be given theirs after they had paid etc.
Oh well, she said it would take about 10 days.
This just means I have 10 more days to stress about whether it will turn up or not.