Friday, January 29, 2016

Alanmas Dinner

Alanmas Dinner was a huge success.
Starter was lobster (or chicken) ravioli with sage and lemon sauce - delish.
Main course for most of our party was pork medallions with madeira sauce and a conglomeration of vegetables (did you see what I did there?  That was all 'cheffy').
I had halibut enrobed in a white wine sauce ( I've gone all 'cheffy' again).  I haven't had halibut before but I shall certainly have it again.....enrobed or otherwise.

Then for dessert we had this....

This was a mélange of - apple terrine, a petite apple purse, ice cream with raspberries strewn over.....(getting good at this).

It went down a treat guv.  Lubbly Jubbly.

We opened a bottle of fizz to slurp with it.
Many thanks to the chef who did a grand job.

I have to admit it is good to have so many of the family here.   Ok, I know this photo looks like the opening of The Simpsons.
I wish all the family could be with us.

Apart from this......we have, what could be,  a nasty snow storm heading our way for next Wednesday.
I don't want to complain, but I can if I like, the trouble is we still have all the snow and ice from the last one.

My knee is feeling better.  I had a better day yesterday.  Rest, it seems, is the key.  My trouble is, I don't like sitting about do nothing.
So, as my hands haven't been hurting quite so much (thank goodness), I have been getting on with knitting blankets for the animal rescues.
Today I can walk almost normally but I am still being careful on the stairs.  I don't want to bugger it up again.
Hopefully, by tomorrow I should be getting around much more gracefully.


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