Friday, January 22, 2016

Glug, glug.

We bought a new set of taps...or faucets, whichever you prefer.
That should have been the easy part but it did take a fair bit of 'looking at' before deciding which would be, not only the best, but also within our budget.
Oh you can spend a small fortune on taps if you so desire.
Although, in truth, my only requirement is they work without leaking.
If I had a tra la posh new kitchen then maybe I would love some tra la posh taps.
But, as we can afford neither of these then working, non drippy ones are perfect.

The next test, it would turn out to be rather like the 'Krypton Factor', was getting the old taps off.
They didn't like it up 'em, them there old taps.
They had no plans to go anywhere and tried rather harder than expected, to stay exactly where they were.
The dynamic duo took turns in trying to extricate these, stuck on, rusted in, tight as '@#$%holes faucets.
It took a while.
It took a lot of profanity.
It took Donna, Lauren and I keeping out of the way in the living room.
One of our company did mumble something about it looking like a scene from a Laurel and Hardy movie, but my lips are sealed as to who said it.
I wouldn't want to embarrass Donna.

Eventually, the old taps conceded defeat and were removed.  I would like to say with surgical precision but the fact that a hammer, drill and, what sounded like a chain saw, were employed,  that would be a bit of a fib.

Fortunately, for all concerned, the new taps went on like a dream.
There are no leaks......yet.
Hopefully, these newbies will have a long, leak free existence.
We don't want another evening like that for many years.

Tonight is the school musical.....Hello Dolly......I have never seen it before so it should be interesting.


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