Friday, April 1, 2011

Stress head me.

This is a Lily shaped lump in the bed. It most have been one of her "I am not getting up till the afternoon" days. Alright for some.

Been a bit of a boring week...........mostly.
I received a letter from the citizenship people.
I knew it couldn't be good before I opened it as there wasn't one for Philip.
Not routine then.
Having supplied every sort of detail, id, fingerprints, photos, birth certificate, marriage certificate, previous marriage certificate, previous divorce certificate, green card, passport....etc....the letter said that at my interview they would also need to see my state id.
I don't have a state id as this is usually your driving license which I don't have because I don't drive over here.
You can get a state id at the driving license place known as the DMV.
So, yesterday Philip came home a bit early and it was off to the DMV......they don't open Saturdays.

I got a new sparkly bowl as one of my birthday pressies.
Bubba is just testing it out for me.

The DMV is interesting. For any Brits who watch the Simpsons, it is where Marge's twin sisters work.
On Thursdays it is open until 5.30pm.
We arrived at 4.45pm only to be greeted by a queue that was not only out of the door, but stretched into the car park.
Were we even going to get in the door before 5.30pm?

We took our place and shuffled slowly forward, pausing only to glare at the person in front of us phoning her friend (who was about 10 people behind us) and suggesting she push in to join her.
We also did a bit of glaring at the friend just to reinforce the fact that no way was she getting past us. It worked. She stayed where she was.

I was beginning to wonder if I would be seen at all. I thought that if we were actually inside the door at 5.30pm we should be alright but my Mr Sunnysides thought that at 5.30pm they would just stop and throw everyone out. Fortunately he was wrong.

After filling in more paperwork I was sent the photographing area. To be honest as it was now after 5.30pm and with still so many people to see, I thought the people working there would be really miserable.
This time I was wrong. The guy taking the photos was a joy. When we have had green card & citizenship photos taken they are very strict. Hair back, no earrings and absolutely no smiling.
This guy joked and told me to smile if I wanted. I did. The photo looks almost human. And that makes a GREAT change.

I was given a number and told to wait again. Eventually when it was called we had to pay our money and give more information. I shall soon start running out of information to give.
Then they surprised me by saying the id card would be mailed to me. I don't understand that.
Everyone else seemed to be given theirs after they had paid etc.
Oh well, she said it would take about 10 days.
This just means I have 10 more days to stress about whether it will turn up or not.


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