Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They're here..........again....and it is brill.

Nothing much changes.....well except Lauren keeps getting taller and switching kitties.
It was Lily's turn for a cuddle this time.
It is wonderful having them here again. I am going to be mega sad when they leave.

I attended my "Mad Cat Woman" meeting.
There were about 12 of us there and right behind me sat 3 teenage girls.
They drove me nuts. Considering I have spent most of my working life with kids this age, I was a bit dismayed that they got on my nerves so.
It was the incessant, silly chatter..........I wanted to turn round and tell them to shut up.
Anyway, also behind me was and older lady who, during a break after we had filled in forms, asked me if I had a cat.
We then started chatting. She has one cat which she got from this rescue place. I told her it was time she had another one then.
The girls behind me turned out to be too young and would need a parent to come along and sign things for them.......phew !!
I was then asked when I could start and I told them it would be better for me after my company had left. So, I am starting on Tuesday April 26th, the day after they leave.
Then my new mate, Connie, was asked when she would like to be there and she said Tuesday too.
So, I have already made a new friend. I am so looking forward to this.

I was very sad for a few days after quitting last Wednesday.
I will not go into details but suffice to say there is only so much anyone can put up with before they say enough!
I do put up with a lot. This often leads people to think they can do what they like and I will always put up with it. Trouble is when I reach that point of no is literally return.
Everyone has a breaking point. I just take a little longer to reach it than most.

Donna has been out and about gallavanting a few times.
I am so pleased to see her enjoy herself as she doesn't go out much at home.
I tell her to make the most of a live in babysitter while she can.

Lauren has been in the garden putting my ornaments (yes gnomes etc) out for me.
She has just come in to say it is all done.
I must go and make all the right oooh and ahhhhh noises now.


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