Friday, April 22, 2011

Teefs & Fings.

We had to cancel Bubba's teeth cleaning.
He still has the trots and we really need to know what is going on with him.
The antibiotics didn't cure it so the vet needed a blood test.
This is so easy to say..........
Anyway, we took him Thursday but he was so dehydrated they couldn't get any blood.
So, they stuck a needle in him and gave him fluids.
Back he went today for the blood test which they managed to get this time.
Cats are funny creatures though.
The ramifications of his trip to the vet's has impacted all the other three cats.
Bubba came back smelling "vetty"......he smelled of the antiseptic they used.
So, all three other kitties will have nothing to do with him.
Lily is not only hissing at him but hissing at anyone who has had contact with him.
Looby Loo and Lollipop have retreated under the bed and will not come out.
Silly buggers.
Poor Bubba. He is like Billy No Mates.

The others are still looking for a vacant lap when they have the chance.

I went to the orthodontist yesterday re root canal problems.
The dentist I saw last week was horrid. She was very abrupt and unhelpful, so I was very nervous in case this one was the same or worse.
He was lovely. LOVELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He made me feel comfortable right from the start. He, and his assistant, were chatty and fun.
When I told him I was nervous........he said "Yes so am I. We can be nervous together".
He spent time talking to me, explaining what he was going to do and also cracking jokes.
He was interested in where I was from, why I was in Milwaukee and very interested in the citizenship test questions.
Neither he nor his assistant got any of the ones I asked them right.
OK, so I was in the chair for 2 hours and root canals are not a favourite form of entertainment, but, he made it so much more bearable by being kind and human.
He told me it would be painful and sore when my face woke up but said it should only feel bruised. Anything worse than that and he said I should ring him.
It was exactly as he said it should be and today I still can't open my mouth much but that is maybe not such a bad thing :)
It has to be left to heal now for 3 weeks then I go back and he will finish it off.
This time, although I will not be looking forward to it, at least I will feel more confident in the dentist.
They should all be like him. He told me himself that he knows having your teeth messed about with isn't anyone's idea of fun so he makes it his business to lessen the anxiety with humour.
Good job too.


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