Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gob trouble continues..

Lollipop's mum is coming back tomorrow.

Well the gob problem continues.
I phoned the dentist on Monday as I had finished the antibiotics and there was no improvement with the tooth pain at all.
The receptionist was very kind, took my details and then phoned me back a little while later.
The dentist had phoned through another prescription to the pharmacy.
I collected my new pills, shuddered a bit at the possible side effects (these are powerful antibiotics) but started taking them as the tooth needs to stop its shenanigens now.

As I said that was on Monday.
We are now at Thursday with still no improvement in the tooth.
I think the pills should have started to work by now.....even just a teeny improvement would be good.
But no. Nothing.
This leads me to believe it isn't an infection. The root of the tooth must be damaged, cracked or something.
The appointment with the specialist isn't until April 21st which seems like a lifetime away when your gob hurts.
I thought the antibiotics would take the pain away and I would be fine until I saw him.
Seems I thought wrong.

On another note.
Donna & Lauren should be arriving here tomorrow for two weeks.
I am very excited. It will be lovely having them here again.

We had a letter yesterday informing us of our Citizenship interview which will be on May 5th.
I shall be a nervous wreck by then.
Included was a list of more stuff they want us to bring.
I need to do a bit more studying too.

On Sunday I am going to a meeting for prospective volunteers at our local cat rescue place.
It is just an informal gathering to provide info on what is entailed.
I hope it is good and that they will like me.
If they don't then there is another one not too far away and I will apply there.
Oh yes...........and I quit my job today.


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