Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I was so shocked to hear about the death of David Bowie.
What an amazing talent that man had.  
People across the world are saddened that he should have been taken at a relatively young age.
I hear there will be a special tribute to him at the Brit Awards.
Goodbye Major Tom.  I hope you have returned to your home planet.

I saw the article below..........it did make me chuckle.

Man declares everyone stupid for mourning David Bowie awaits medal

Smug man on computerA man on Facebook is being incredibly smug about the fact he doesn’t care about something.
Simon Williams, 38, took to his Facebook page to declare everyone “sheep” for being sad that a great musician died.
“It’s stupid, your feelings are stupid,” beamed Williams, before leaning back in his chair and folding his arms like he’d just discovered time travel, the twat.
“It’s really very silly that you’re mourning the loss of a musician who wrote great songs that obviously spoke to your heart, or that gave voice to a feeling you couldn’t previously put into words, or might have been the backing track to some significant moments in your life.
“None of those concepts are relevant to me here, and I wasn’t a fan of Bowie, so it’s entirely right that I belittle you for your silly little emotions.
“Mocking feelings that I don’t have or understand is obviously a brilliant thing to do, so I think its right that I get some kind of award here and perhaps a gift voucher. So, chop-chop.”
Simon Williams’ friends were unavailable for comment, mainly because he has alienated every single one of them over the course of his lifetime.


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