Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Alanmas begins today.
He has about another 30 mins of flying time before landing in Chicago.
This should be about 3pm our time.
Philip will be collecting him from the airport.  It could take up to an hour to get through customs and immigration so they should be home around 5.30pm.
It looks like we are having something of a warm up for Thursday and Friday - by warm up I mean it may get a degree above freezing point.
But, after that...........it is going to drop dramatically to minus 20C.

Alan keeps some thermals here (I don't think he needs them much on Guernsey) and it looks like he will certainly need them this time.
He still seems to enjoy staying with us though.

Donna and Lauren are looking forward to him being here.
Donna went to a brilliant bar last night with her friends.
It is more than a bar.  It has lots of tables, boxed games and SciFi memorabilia.
It looks amazing.
We are all planning a group outing there.  She took some pictures.

There is a lounge area with a fire.

There is a restaurant too.

One or two games to choose from, if you want to.
I think we could have a fun evening here.  We can take Lauren too.
We hadn't heard of it before but apparently it has only been open about a year.

So, we shall have to "bundle up", as they say in these parts.  Then brave the frozen tundra.


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