Friday, January 8, 2016


Well that didn't take long.
Alan's first evening and TommyJones had already decided his lap looked inviting.
TommyJones had never met Alan before but he isn't shy.

Alan seems very pleased to be here.
He had a good night's sleep in the magic bed.   Everyone who has stayed in our spare room has remarked on how good that bed is.
So, it was dubbed "magic". It is probably way better than our bed which is far from 'magic'.

Last night, Philip, Alan and Lauren went to see Star Wars.  This was the third time Philip and Lauren had seen it.
Unfortunately, Alan didn't seem too impressed with it.
But, it made for a night out so I am sure they had a good time.

Not to be ousted by a recent usurper, Lily laid claim to Alan's lap too.
Since then he has been visited by Sally as well.
Quite a popular chap it seems.

Looks like Alan's snow shovel might see some use at the weekend.
The recent snow storm happened before he arrived so all the paths, drive etc had been cleared.
The weatherman now informs us that we have another due to hit Saturday night.  This should make for an interesting Sunday morning.
He must like it because he keeps coming back for more.

The Christmas decs, inside only, have to come down at the weekend too.
We can't do the outside ones as there is too much snow and the ground is too frozen to get the stakes out.
We would usually have got the tree etc down on the 6th as we were of the opinion that it had to be on 12th night.
But, good old QI (love that programme), which I can now watch on youtube on the telly, told us that traditionally they should be taken down any time before Candlemas.
Candlemas this year is on February 2nd.
So, we should be ok taking them down at the weekend.
As much as I love Christmas, I shall not be sorry to see everything packed away. It is a massive task but this year we have help.
The tree this year was ok but not up to the standard of previous trees.
It seemed to sag rather earlier than most and this means that ornaments etc kept fall off the branches.
Next year's will be better.

Haha......Alan has just informed me that TommyJones visited him at 4am to play bed mice.
He was laughing.

Just noticed that Philip " photo bombed " the picture of Alan and TommyJones.


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