Friday, January 1, 2016

There it was.......gone.....

I've put this photo up again because this is what it looks like again now.
I knew that this 'snow free' mallarky couldn't last.
Alanmas will be white for sure.  It was minus 15C yesterday.
Winter drawers on.

Christmas and New Year have come and gone.
We had lovely Christmas, with all the usual feasting, playing silly games and having a tipple.

This guy turned up.....Ho Ho Hoing all over the place..........I think the shock may have killed that cat too.

Pressies were opened.....some by a weird looking panda.

A feast was prepared.

The feast was then eaten.  Surprisingly, there were not many leftovers apart from turkey.
I suppose a 14lb turkey between 4 should last a day or two.
I had 'plastic' turkey, made with Quorn.  I was hoping the beef variety that I have heard such wonderful things about, would have made its way across the pond by now.
Sadly, the opposite is true.  We used to be able to buy turkey Quorn at two locations.  It is now down to one.  I do hope they don't stop selling it.

Games were played.  This is a new Dungeon game.
The one person who didn't have a clue what was going on, won it.  She must take after me.

You have to give RockBand a bit of a whirl too.
One of us had made the basement rather festive.

So, cheers to all.
I look a bit 'natchered' in this photo.........I probably was.

It is only a week ago and yet seems ages.
The weather has gone from record warm temps to chuffing freezing.
The roads are piled high with snow and ice mountains.  One of our Christmas reindeer had fallen over ( he looks like he has been shot) and buried in the snow with just his antlers showing.

So, all has returned to normal for a Wisconsin winter.
Alan will be here on Tuesday.
It only seems like a little while ago he was here.
We are looking forward to his arrival.........his shovel is at the ready.


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