Thursday, March 20, 2014


The bathroom is starting to take shape.
The cabinet, sink, shower doors, lights and most importantly........the toilet, still need to be installed.
Oh...and the painting too, but, I am beginning to get an idea of the end result.....and I like it.
It will be as Art Deco as we could afford and hopefully, will never need doing again.

Marty's youngest son, Austin, has been visiting when he comes out of school.
He is about 8.
Yesterday and today I did have a bit of fun at his expense.
It took me back to the days lost in the mists of time, when I had carte blanche to wind up kids.

We were talking about the pyramids.  Since I am now turning into Indianella Jones, I a had TV program on about Egypt.
Anyway, he asked me if I knew what pyramids were and proceeded to tell me about Transformers and pyramids and how one pyramid had a white bit on the top.
I then explained to him that, that was were the ancient Egyptians kept their pajamas.
He seemed a bit suspicious of this but I went on to explain that it was the same as the way we keep our pajamas under the pillow.
The ancient Egyptians all kept their pajamas under the top of the pyramid and then when it was bed time they all climbed up there and put their pajamas on.
I think I convinced him ...........eventually.

Back to the Transformers.   He told me about Dynobots and how they looked like dinosaurs but were transformers...and...and...there was one who's name was Sam Witwicky.
I asked him if he knew about the one called Fred Itchywitchy and apparently he doesn't.

Godzilla raised his ugly head at one point and we spoke of who would win in a fight....Godzilla or Fred Itchywitchy.
He reasoned carefully about Godzilla's powers and asked me what Fred Itchywitchy looked like.
I told him he looks a lot like Godzilla only he scratches a lot.
Unfortunately by now I was overtaken by a fit of giggles which quite spoiled the moment.

Oh, I did have fun.  This did me a world of good.
I wonder if he has heard about "mountain cows" ?


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