Monday, February 24, 2014

Crap week.

What a week.
Firstly, I had some very sad news about a someone in my in-laws family.
It upset me greatly.
I will not go into details but suffice to say two young children have lost their mother.
This brought back all the emotions of a couple of personal losses some years ago.
Donna's husband was one of them.
Lauren was only four and a half when it happened.  I don't think we have ever recovered from the despair.
I find these facebook status thingies quite disturbing too.
Maybe I am just feeling a bit fragile, but they say stuff about "raising awareness" of various dreadful illnesses and conditions.
I don't get this.  I think all of us are only too aware of the nasty stuff that happens.
Another one today was supposed to give support to people suffering or knowing someone who is suffering from a horrid disease.
How is that giving support?
All it does is remind everyone that they are/or someone close to them is suffering.
Not something they need to be reminded of, I think.
But, maybe I am just being a bit too sensitive.

What with that and people sharing pictures of abused animals I don't need to see...........that amazes me too.

I have also been poorly for the past week.  This might be making me even more sensitive.
I have been fighting a sore throat and a cough but today I have admitted defeat.
I am seeing a doctor this afternoon.
After several sleepless nights and mornings when I can barely swallow my tea ( oh heaven forbid I forgo my tea!!!!!) - I know I need some jollop.
Every night I have been thinking I will be better in the morning but at some point you have to realise that it isn't going to happen.
I hope they can give me something that will clear it up quickly.

I saw that some chums in Ashford (UK) had a party for a couple of birthdays.
It looked like loads of fun (from the pictures).
I was sorry to miss it.


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