Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moving along

The bathroom is progressing.
The old window is out and the new one in.  I love the little glass blocks.  It actually looks much nicer than it does here.
It is difficult to get a good photo because of the light in the window.

Saturday we didn't get out much.  It was a lovely day, bright sunshine and a little warmer, but Marty was here working on the bathroom so we stayed put.
Sunday, Philip got up first and then came back into the bedroom and said, "You are not going to like what I am going to tell you."
"What?", quoth I.
"It has snowed.", said he..

Bugger, bugger, bugger.
When I got up and looked out, I discovered that not only had it snowed, but it was still snowing and it was bloody, chuffing cold again.
Not to be put off, we set off for CedarBurg.
We had planned a little trip there as apart from being a nice place to go and peruse the shops, we also needed some time out of the house.
My favourite shop is there.  There is an old converted winery that is now filled with lots of little shops.
The sort of lovely little shops you get quite often in England but rarely over here.  Well, apart from holiday places, they usually have interesting shops.
What a disappointment.  My favourite shop, which was full of shiny things, has gone.
It has been replaced by a shop selling overpriced, supposedly European (Irish, English and French) merchandise.
They wanted $10 for a box of 40 Tetley teabags.
Oh well, it was still nice to get out and about, but that place has lost its draw somewhat.
It will still be lovely in the Summer as you can walk through the town and visit all the other little shops.  No fun doing that when the weather is so cold.

Sally runs away from Marty.
She is a bit shy, but when he wasn't looking I caught her snuggled up on his gloves.
He has a boy cat so I think she may be in love.

Lily on the other hand could do with running away from Marty.  She is a pain in the arse.
She wants to be watching everything he does and he just managed to grab her as she was disappearing into a hole in the wall.
He told me this hole leads to a space between the walls of the house and if he had missed her, she could have wandered anywhere around the house and it would have been a bugger to get her out.
Today she has been twanging some metal trim he is going to use for the tiles.  It makes a hell of a noise and made us both jump the first time she did it.
She thinks it is great fun though.
I heard Marty muttering and calling her a "little ship"....at least that is what it sounded like he said.
Funny thing to say.


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