Monday, March 3, 2014

The Galloping Lurgy ....Updated.

I took this a couple of days ago.
We have had more snow since then and the road has disappeared once more.  There is more due tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday.
It is not unusual to have snow storms here in March but what is unusual is how much snow (and ice) we have going into March.
I am sure that has something to do with why I have been poorly.
I got some jollop.
It seems I have pharyngitis and bronchitis.  Don't remember having them before.
I am very much better than I was but it does seem to be lingering on a bit.

I have been studying my archeology course and I just submitted my first assignment.
I get so stressed out over stuff like this.
I wrote it, re-read it, re-wrote it, re,re-read it, re-wrote it again......then I re-read the topics and what the assignment should contain.........and then I re-wrote it yet again.
If I fail I will be mortified.

I have now received the second lot of lectures, and required reading, to go through this week.
My nerves will be in shreds but at least it will give me something to do whilst I am confined to the house.
It will keep my mind off the fact the poxy weather is keeping me stuck indoors instead of being out gallavanting.

We seem to have found someone to do the bathroom.  Right on our doorstep actually.  A neighbour of ours does bathrooms (who knew?) and he has already measured it up and given us a shopping list of fixtures and fittings ("I'm free!!"), tiles, bath, bog, sink etc.
Our first choice of tiles was a bit of a disaster.  They are beautiful but when we worked out the cost (for the second time as someone miscalculated the first time and they seemed affordable), of these lovely tiles, it was around $1600.
Woo...way too much.
After sulking for a bit, because I had been led to believe they would be about $150......and to quote one of my former pupils - "I wasn't far out ma'am was I" -  we went shopping again and may have found a much more cost effective alternative.
I am waiting for our lovely man to come and inspect the sample tile we bought and let us know if it will work.
If this all works out ok then we may be able to have the other bathroom done next year.

I have had an enquiry about Merv's Hole.
Just in case anyone is interested, Merv's Hole is being well looked after.
He was out there, Thursday morning I think it was, in minus 30C (with windchill) armed with a dustpan and brush.
He was sweeping little bits of ice from the sidewalk and around his hole.
It beggers belief.
It was so cold I wouldn't even venture out to the dustbin.....even wrapped up in layers, coat, scarf, hat and gloves.
But, Merv saw the necessity to brush his hole.   Unbelievable.


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