Monday, February 17, 2014


Shennanigens !!

Two or three nights ago Philip and I were watching telly, me on the sofa with 4 cats and Philip in the arm chair.
We have a cat flap on the kitchen door that leads to the basement.  Not to the outside but just to the basement steps so that the cats can go down there to get their food etc.
Anyway, as we were quietly watching some rubbish on the telly, we heard the cat flap go...."Kerplunk".
It makes a very distinctive and recognisable noise.
We both looked up.
I looked at my little mob of kitties....Bubba, Lily, Looby Loo and Sally, all sitting with me, and I said, "Oh that must be Tootise."
"No," came the reply, "Tootsie is lying down by the side of my chair."
Who or what went through the cat flap then.
We were both puzzled because, on inspection, there was nothing that had fallen etc to make any sound at all and as I said, it is a very distinctive sound.
The flap doesn't open to the outside so there is no wind or anything that could move it......Oh well.

Saturday I went upstairs and walked into our bedroom to put some stuff away.
There on the bed I saw Lollipop, leaning back against Philip's pillow.
So what I hear you mutter.
What !!   What!!   Well, the fact that Lollipop died in May last year is the "what!"
It was for just an instant and then she was gone.
It shook me up somewhat ( a bloody lot) and I went over to the bed mystified, and tried to see what was going on.
There was nothing there.
She looked like she was leaning on the pillow trying to wash her belly and looked up, startled, as I came in.
I kid you not.
I flew downstairs as I knew if I didn't tell someone (Philip) immediately, after about 20 minutes I would be talking myself out of it.
So, I told him.  He is a really big skeptic so I thought I would get a negative reaction from him.
When I had finished, he leaned back in his chair and said, "Oh well I will tell you now."
Apparently, that morning when he came downstairs he saw 4 of the cats in the kitchen and Sally in the cat tree........but at the same time he saw another one down by the chair.
We have 5 cats...not 6.
He wasn't going to mention it.
I will admit it did freak me out a little ( a heck of a lot), but not in a bad way.
It was lovely to see her fat and healthy again rather than the poor, sick, sad little kitty she became.

Saturday we went to the Home Improvement Show.
We went to several (millions) of bathroom exhibitors and picked up a few (hundreds) of leaflets.
We spoke to some of them and they explained what they do.....bathrooms basically.
We gave our name and number so we could make appointments for free estimates and as we approached the end,  I was feeling very upbeat and excited about the whole thing.
Then, just as we were perusing the last aisle and getting ready to leave, we saw one place who had a large sign up.
An enticement.
A sign designed to make you an offer you can't refuse.
And it said


I was totally deflated.
$10,000 is a "deal"?
Oh well, it was a lovely thought.


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