Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ticked Off

As you may be aware, it is chuffing cold here....and it has been for quite a while.
But, today was forecast as getting up to nearly, only nearly, freezing point.
That is practically tropical for us since about November.
I thought I would make an expedition to the mall as the temperature is due to drop severely again tomorrow.
This is the one day to go.  I should make the effort and go.
So, I did.
The lovely weatherman did say there could be a few snow "flurries" in the afternoon.  Well, that's no big deal, but I set off in the morning anyway.
The snow started just as I was leaving the house.
Silly weatherman must have got the timing a little bit wrong.
Never mind........(inner voice said, "stay home."...I cleverly ignored it -  something I would live to regret), yes never mind, just flurry.

I walked to the bus stop and by the time I got there a blizzard was blowing.
Stupid weatherman........this doesn't look like a flurry.
I had to put my shopping bag on the seat of the bus stop before sitting down as I would have run the risk of my bum sticking to the metal seat, had I not.
Idiotic weatherman.......this is a lot colder than almost, nearly, not quite, but virtually getting up to freezing point.
After waiting 20 minutes for the bus, I was getting a bit ticked off with the whole escapade.
The snow was falling very fast and I was very cold.
Bugger it.
I gave up and went into Walgreen's ( for English chums...a lot like Boots the Chemist) on the corner to warm up.
You can buy most things in Walgreen's and I plumped (love saying that) for getting my bits in there and then going home for a coffee.
I came out to find almost white-out conditions and had to walk back in the middle of the road once again.
Stupid, poxy, useless, lousy, hopeless weatherman got it totally wrong.
It was not was bloody cold.
It did not wait until the afternoon to snow and it was not chuffing snow flurries.
It was a full scale blizzard.....again.
It isn't hard to be a weatherman in Wisconsin in the winter.
Look I can forecast tomorrow's weather :-

"Tomorrow it will be cold and it will either snow or not snow."

Easy 'innit'.

Oh sorry to hear about all the flooding in the UK.  It does look awful.  At least our snow and ice mountains do not seep into our houses and cause a dreadful mess.
It must be a nightmare for farms, crops and animals too.  
I hope things dry up over there for you all soon as you must be totally fed up with it by now.


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