Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is it Lauren Fest yet?

Well, Alanmas is over for another year.
Philip took Alan to the airport on his way to work.
We followed him online and it seems his flight to New York was delayed quite a bit but he did have quite a long layover before getting the flight to England so, hopefully, he made it ok.

This time he is going straight back to Guernsey as this year he didn't get as much holiday as he usually does, so he couldn't spend any time in Whitstable.
He looked a bit glum when he left.
Maybe they will go back to their old ways for next time.

He had to shovel again yesterday.  He doesn't seem to mind though.
I expect he will be having to bail out (from the sound of it) when he gets back to Guernsey.
Things have been rather damp over there.....or so I am told.
The winter has been odd.
England has had tons of rain and flooding.

California has the worst drought on record.
We have loads of snow - nothing unusual there - but temperatures way below normal.

I shall now look forward to Lauren Fest.  This will begin in July and go on for 3 weeks.
Donna is coming over too so it will be double the fun.

It seems I am going to the Warped Tour.  Some sort of music ( I used the term loosely) festival/tour which will be in Milwaukee for one day at the end of July.
Donna was kind (????) enough to get me a ticket when she ordered them for herself and Lauren.
Oh will make a change.  I have never heard of any of the bands, but a day out by the lake can't be all bad.
I hope they have a beer and wine tent.

How is it February 6th already?
Surely, it was only last week we were opening Christmas presents.
We still can't get the Christmas decorations in from the garden.
Philip and Alan tried but they are totally frozen into the ground.   Apparently (according to the man on the telly) the ground is frozen to about 4 or 5 feet.  I don't see Father Christmas, his various reindeer, the Christmas mailbox, the snowmen....etc...etc....coming in any time soon.

This is just one side.
We have more over the other side.  We don't turn the lights on though.
I don't think they have ever been out this long before.

I can see me hanging Easter eggs on the reindeer's antlers at this rate.
That would be a novelty.


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