Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ecky thump.

Oh this dear little Eric did make me smile.
"Eh up lad, what's that tha's eating.  Is it t'pudding?"
I looked out of the kitchen window and saw him looking so proud with his 'trophy'.
'What could it be?'
It could be a yorkshire pudding that I put out for Blossom the Possum.....and it was.  Who knew squirrels like yorkshire pudding.
Probably not even the squirrels knew this, but I now have proof that they do.

Thursday we made a heroic attempt at reaching the mall.
Snow was forecast, but that is nothing new and I try not to let the weather men dictate to me too much,  the temperature was warmer than it has been in weeks.
Not actually warm, you understand, just relatively warmer - about minus 12C I think.
It wasn't snowing as we set off for the bus stop but it was a blowing hooley which actually made it feel a whole lot colder than we thought it would be.
Alan and I walked in the middle of the road all the way to the bus stop as this was the only part clear of snow and ice.  The sidewalks were very icy in places even where they had been cleared of snow.

We waited some time for the bus and had just got to the point of "Stuff this for a game of soldiers, let's go home and have a cup of tea", when the bus appeared.

The bus was warm and we were on it long enough to almost thaw out.
My legs were very tingly, which I am told is not good.  Something to do with frostbite or something. Oh well.

We had a fun time at the mall.  I found a couple of Billy Bargains and it felt rather good to be out and about again.
Cabin fever had definitely been setting in.
I met up with Alan for a coffee in the food court before venturing out once again to the bus stop, which I might add, they have now moved bloody miles away from the mall.
Alright not miles, but a long way and seems even longer when we are in the midst of our Arctic winter complete with Polar Vortex (whatever that is).
We got up to leave and glanced out of the glass doors.
Bloody was a blizzard out there.  The snow had been, and was still, falling fast - and sideways.
We clung to each other as we slipped and slid the 32 miles to the bus stop, only to find 523 other people all trying to squeeze inside the 3ft by 5ft bus shelter.
The bus eventually arrived and slid to halt in the new snow which no one had had a chance to clear yet.
On reaching our bus stop we then continued to slide the rest of the 75 miles back to the house. We again walked in the middle of the road but it was dodgy.  The icy areas were all now covered in snow so you couldn't tell where the ice was.
Yesterday, Saturday, it snowed all day and we didn't even try to get the car out.
Alan and Philip had lots of  fun playing in the snow (shovelling and snowblowing).
Then I see in the news that the stoopy, poxy groundhog has predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
Actually, I do think that 6 more weeks of winter is rather optimistic of him.

The car park at the shops.


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