Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bathrooms R Us

Ok....this is a before picture.
Tuesday morning the bathroom looked like this.
We bought the tiles for the floor and the walls on Saturday.  Marty came with us as the ones we chose were not suitable.
We just don't know what we are doing really.  He is brilliant.
He talked to 'the man' in the store and knew what he was talking about.  We always sound so stoopy when we try to talk to 'the men' in places like hardware stores etc.
Anyway, tiles were chosen, trim was picked out and Marty collected it all in his truck on Sunday.

Tuesday he came and started destroying the bathroom.  I kept out of the way and let him get on with it.
By the afternoon it was all ripped out.  Amazing....he did it all by himself.

This photo was taken as he was in the middle of smashing up the cast iron bath.
He cleared it all up and took away all the rubbish.

Yesterday he came and tidied everything up and then went to buy more bits.   He phoned me to say the bath we picked out was pants.
Lol......not his exact words but the meaning holds true.  He had found us another one which was much better (not pants), would last a whole lot longer and was cheaper too.
We told him that sounded marvellous and he should get whatever was best.
He has been this morning to slap some stuff on the walls (getting technical now aren't I) and he is installing the new bath today.
There is a new glass block window going in too!!!

The glass block window will be like this.
Well, maybe not quite as posh as this but still fab.
The window is going in tomorrow.

We have to go out and choose the paint tonight.   This is not as easy as it sounds.
I have picked up a million samples from a hundred shops, (well,quite a few anyway) and I change my mind every time I look at them.
Hopefully we can find the right shade of teal...........tra la posh......and Marty will be happy with it.
We know what sort of paint to ask for now, so we shouldn't sound too stoopy in the paint shop.

Apart from the bathroom excitement nothing much has changed.  We had one warm day and a little of the snow melted but then it froze overnight which made it worse.
Today is very cold and there is meant to be some more snow.  In the back garden the snow now only comes up to my knees so that is some improvement on coming up to my hips.
Father Christmas x2....reindeer x 5......snowmen x 2......lighted Christmas trees x 4.....still cannot be budged from the ground.
It is all still looking very festive in our front garden.
Oh the lights are still all over the house too.
I am sure the Easter Bunny will appreciate it.


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