Sunday, March 23, 2014


This gave Philip quite a start on Friday.
Lollipop always used to sit in this window and watch for us to come out of the garage.
On Friday Sally was sitting in this window.
She looks quite similar to Lolly and we only remarked the other day that we still look for Lollipop when we come home.
Still miss our little girl.

The archeology course is progressing.
Every week when I get the new set of lectures, I sigh and decide I really don't think I can do it.
There is quite a lot of reading apart from the lectures.  Then there is an essay to complete and a test.
I haven't done too badly so far.  My results are better than I expected but I won't tell you what they are until the course is complete.
I rather like Eddie Izzard's interpretation of archaeologists.
Do have a is very short.

The bathroom is taking a little longer than anticipated.
This is mainly due to 'unforeseen circumstances' as they say.
There was a faulty part in the shower tap thingie that has to be replaced.
Hopefully all will be finished this week.

The snow has very nearly gone.  We do still have a few snow mountains but most of the ground cover has gone.
It is now very cold again and there is more snow predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday.
They haven't said if there will be much accumulation yet.
We shall wait and see.


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