Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alas poor Blossom.

We had a bit of a thaw and unfortunately the receding snow revealed the body of Blossom our visiting possum.
Oh it was so sad.
As I may have mentioned, it has been bloody cold (even for Wisconsin), this winter.
I don't know how old Blossom was but she didn't make it.
I was quite upset about her.
They are gentle, timid creatures.

I have still been putting food out each night.  A bowl of dry cat food (for the stray I occasionally see wandering and anything else that is hungry), leftovers, biscuits and sometimes a sandwich.  Anyway, it is still being eaten.
I wondered if it was raccoons but I haven't seen any lately.
The other night as I went to close the back gate.......there she was........Petal, our latest possum.
She sat there looking worried, like only possums can, and I crept quietly past her to put out the food.
I am so happy.
I am assuming she is a she as she isn't anywhere near as huge as Arnie, another possum we once had.
If she is a she maybe she will have babies and will show up at the house like this :-

Possums are marsupials (the only ones in America I believe) and when the babies get too big for the mother's pouch she carries them on her back.
Wouldn't it be fab if Petal brings her babies to visit us?

The bathroom is almost complete.
The only thing left to do is the painting - I think.
I love it.
We shall go out and buy some new towels, bath rugs etc when it is totally finished.

It snowed again yesterday and the temperature has really fallen again.
They say it will warm up at the weekend.
It bloody well wants to.  Even Wisconsinites are complaining about this winter now.
That is really saying something.


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