Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We can stay all day.

 We went to the zoo on Sunday.
This would be our last outing for this visit.
I was already missing my little mate......who is rapidly becoming my big mate.

Up fairly early.
Bubba helped Lauren eat her brekkie so we wouldn't be late.
Gary was coming round at 10.30am.
He has zoo membership which means two of us got in for nothing.
We had read that it was a special weekend.
Zoo a la Carte.
We were assured it wouldn't make any difference to us.

They also had another special exhibition.
I forget what it was called......something like "Shove your hand in the water as a stingray or shark swims past and see how many fingers you have left afterwards."
Some of the stingrays were friendly.

Others obviously had a career in films in mind.
This one definitely thought he was destined for stardom and loved coming up for a close up.
He was rather cute in a slimy, fishy sort of way.

There was model train exhibit too.

This was either a very brave or an extremely stupid turtle.
He is sitting on the back of the cayman.  I hope this didn't end in tears.

The bear had a bear sized version of a 'rubber ducky' in the pool with him.  It was a hot day.
He looked like a happy bear.

Now, back to Zoo a la Carte.
What a rip off.
Firstly, where we usually drive straight into the zoo car park, we found ourselves on the end of an enormous queue.
This made my better half very cheerful.
Once inside, we found, apart from half the population of Milwaukee, lots of stalls that were selling food from different restaurants.
All this food and drink could only be purchased with tickets, which you had to buy first at the ticket stall.
I knew it would get tricky.
The tickets were 10 for $5...or 50cents each.  You could only buy them in blocks of 10.
We were thirsty and were going to buy some lemonade.  This isn't like British lemonade but flat stuff, supposedly made of real lemons.  It isn't, it is made with a mix.
The cost per glass was 7 tickets or .....$3.50. !!!!!!
$14 for 4 glasses of lemonade.
Bugger that, thought I and made off to the zoo's cafeteria.  There were loads of families there with little kids.  There was no way they could afford to buy this stuff from the stalls for all those kids.
Surprise !!   The cafeteria was closed.  The drinks vending machines were not working also. Funny that.
I was a little cross about this.
But, it was a hot day and we needed drinks so we had to buy the poxy tickets.
The food they were selling didn't look great.  Little cardboard boxes of stuff selling for about 12 tickets and up.
We also had ice creams.  10 tickets each.
We will never go again on Zoo a la Carte weekend and I really don't understand why any else does.
Zoo a la Muggins I think.


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