Monday, August 12, 2013


Sunday Aug 11th
Up bright and early to meet Gary at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.
First stop inside......The Mud Show.
Oh it is fascinating and disgusting.
One of those things you just have to watch.  Hilarious actually.

Yep, we all enjoyed seeing them covered in mud, kissing members of the audience and eating mud.

Lots of shows going on.
Some really good acts are here every year.  Not just jugglers, or acrobats, they are really funny too and engage the audience.

And so to the Queen's Joust.
As usual we sat on the bad guys side of the arena.
It is much more fun supporting the baddies than the goodies.  These were our baddies.
As you can see, these guys have way too much fun doing this.

Lauren loved watching the jousting.
I think she is after getting a job here in the future.
I don't think it is anything to do with all the handsome young chaps but I could be wrong.

Queen Elizabeth I got miffed with our knight.

This was why.
Our bloke - the one in black of course - fell off his horse and the other bloke in the red very kindly offered to help him up.
This seemed to offend our guy.  He got up and smacked him one.
It all went pear shaped after that and turned into a punch up.
No gallantry or code of conduct.  Our guy had been insulting him earlier too. Something to do with his shirt having puffy sleeves.  On learning that he would be pitted against him, our baddie had turned to us, his loyal following, and said, "So, I am to joust The Blouse am I?".
I don't think the bloke in red liked this much.
The Queen, having become very miffed, told them to be back at 5.30pm for a "joust to the death".
Whilst this sounded very appealing, we really had to leave before then so missed it.
I hope it went well.

The highlight for me was that Philip misheard the name of our guy.
He was Sir Morrick.
Philip asked me what his name was and I told him Sir Baldrick.
We all like to take part with enthusiasm, yelling our support for our knight.
It made me giggle every time Philip yelled for "Sir Baldrick".
I did tell him afterwards.  Well you would, wouldn't you.

By the way.....the people there, who all do very good English accents,  keep yelling "Huzzah!".
I have never heard of medieval Brits saying "Huzzah."
I wonder if they did.


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