Monday, August 5, 2013

Goodbye campers, see you in the morning.

Friday we set off for home.
When we arrived we found our kitty sitter still here.
She was busy with the kits and told us how good they had been.
We were very confident about her because every day we were away she posted pictures of the cats on Facebook.
I think this is a brilliant idea.
We had been a little bit worried because Bubba has to have his "zoomie juice" and I wondered how he would get on with a stranger sticking him with a needle.
It seems he didn't mind too much.

In the picture above, Lily obviously thought that Philip had not taken care of his hair properly while he was away.
She soon sorted him out.

Lauren used her new mug for the first time.
She bought it, not only because she liked it, but because one of the Green Day mob likes comics and super heroes. 
She wanted to put a picture of this on twitter or some such.........oh and Billie Joe now has a dog called Mojo.
Good to know these things.

On Saturday Lauren would be facing a Herculean task.
She was getting her ears pierced........and what would be worse..........I was taking her.


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