Monday, August 12, 2013


Saturday Aug 10th
We were going to the Safe House for lunch today but the car suddenly developed a problem with the brakes.
So, Philip had to take it in to be fixed.  I won't mention the cost because it hurts so much I would not be able to type it.
Lauren and Sally are BFFs.
Sally is always with her.  She will miss her so much when she leaves.........but I am not going to talk about that.

My first sunflower has bloomed.
I planted some seeds as a 'Memorial Garden' for a friend who died suddenly earlier this year.
She was a lovely lady with a passion for helping to rescue animals.
I have never grown sunflowers before but will certainly do so again.

Tootsie will miss Lauren too.
Ooops.....I said I wouldn't mention it. 

Sunday we are off to Bristol Renaissance Faire.
I hope we don't wear poor Lauren out too much.


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