Thursday, August 8, 2013

Steve & Starship

Lauren has been wanting to have her ears pierced for years.
Donna has taken her several times.
The outcome was always the same.   Lauren disappearing into the distance.
Just before she came over Lauren asked me if I would take her.  She really wanted it done and she would definitely not run away this time.
I somehow have always known I would get landed with this job, but thought I was far enough away that I might escape it.
When I told her mother what she said, I had to wait for 5 minutes for the hysterical laughter to die down.
I was reliably informed that whatever Lauren had said wouldn't happen.
Whenever I tried to discuss tactics, Donna would begin to suggest things, stop, giggle and say "But it will never happen."
Getting Philip to sit on her was one suggestion.
I decided on a different approach.
When Lauren arrived and talked of this impending adventure, she also talked fondly of "legging it" out of the shop before.
So, I told her she had to understand that if she wanted her ears pierced I would take her but I was only taking her because SHE wanted it done.
It made absolutely no difference to me if she did, or if she didn't.
I didn't care one way or the other.
Nope....I didn't give a 'rat's arse' whether she had pierced ears or not.  In fact, I tried to put her off a bit.
I told her she wouldn't be able to swim while she is here and she said she didn't care for swimming any more.
I did say I would take her to a tattoo shop rather than sitting in a chair in the window of "Claire's Accessories".
I phone Starhip Tattoo.  It seemed a reputable place and had been in business over 20 years.
I spoke to a nice young man, Steve, and told him of her nervousness........I omitted to tell him of her previous various methods of escape.  He was very understanding.
So an appointment was made for Saturday.  No one, least of all me, believed it would happen.
We played it down.  Didn't  make a drama out of it and arrived at 2pm.
Lauren was all dressed up in her punk gear, chains and all.  I was pleased about that as I thought if she had her cool gear on she might be less likely to want to look like a wally.
We met the receptionist who took my money ( of course I was paying for it ).  After racking up about $70 in piercing, earrings and aftercare stuff, I was feeling a little apprehensive.  If she took off now could I ask for my money back?
Donna has since told me that one time she did just this.  She actually was in the chair, Donna having paid for it all, but as soon as she saw the gun that does the piercing she was up and away before anyone had a chance to stop her.
Steve arrived.  Bless him.   A very young looking guy.  He looked about 17 but I imagine he must have been older to be able to do the job.  I had filled in loads of paperwork.  Lauren had to show her passport and I had to show my I.D.  So it was all very professional.
He took Lauren into a side room.  I decided to sit in the corridor.  The receptionist told me that strictly speaking I should go with her.  I told her that I thought she would do better without me and that she might be less inclined to look like a woos in front of the delightful Steve.
I sat there nervously.
I was sort of waiting for her to come hurtling out of the room and wondered if it would be considered ok to stick my foot out when she did.
I could hear Steve talking to her.  He was talking to her LIKE AN ADULT.   He didn't talk down to her and explained what was going to happen.
Wait for it.........thought I foot quivering for a quick stretch of the leg.
Then I heard Steve say,  "Ok, ready for the next one?"
She had got one done !!!!!!
I heard them both talking.  Both ears were obviously done so I entered the room.  Lauren was all smiles. Bloody hell.
After she said her goodbyes and was leaving the room, I slipped Steve a $5 tip.

I think she spent more time talking about Steve than she did about her lugholes for the rest of the day.
I have been cleaning the piercings twice a day for her (I knew I would get all this) and, hopefully, by the time she goes home she can do it herself.
She wants to go back to Starship Tattoo to "look at the t.shirts".......yeah right.

Her mother can still barely believe she did it.


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