Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am looking for a Safe House

Saturday 17th August.
We headed downtown for lunch at the Safe House.
We have only ever been there once before, years ago.  It is so much fun.
It follows the 60s spy culture, movies etc.
It is quite hard to find as there is nothing to advertise it.  Just a plain door in the side of a brick wall.
We met up with Gary and made our way in.
Not into the restaurant, but into a tiny room with a reception desk.
In the evenings this is manned and you are asked for the password.  If you do not know the password then you have to pay a forfeit which is televised to those people lucky enough to be in the bar/restaurant already.
We went during the day so we found this room totally empty.
After waiting for a few minutes, with nothing happening, we started to look around.
I pulled a lever and a secret panel in the wall opened.
We were in.
Even at lunchtime, in a place this hard to find and to get into, we were told we would have about an hour's wait to be seated.
We were given a 'mission' sheet to do while we waited.
The place is very big, covers several floors but all the rooms are quite small and have different 'spy' themes.
Lauren loved it.

We went in search of the ladies.
This was on the door.
Even more surprising was what was inside.

It was Burt.
He had a red heart covering his particulars.
It was fortunate that we were not curious as we found out afterwards that should a nosey lady take a peek, alarms and lights flash in the bar and restaurant.
How embarrassing would that have been?

The food was excellent.
The best we have had in a long while. 
It made for a great day.  The "mission" was fun and took us all over the restaurant trying to find the answers to clues.
To get out we had to enter an old phone booth, lift the phone and put in 25 cents.  We were then given a code number to press.
A secret door then opened  and we found ourselves in a different street to the one where we went in.
Tomorrow - the zoo.


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