Monday, August 12, 2013

Catching Up.

I am trying to catch up with this blog.
Lord knows what we did Monday and Tuesday.  I can't remember.  I have a hard enough job remembering what I had for dinner.
I know we went to the mall one day.
This was Wednesday - River Rhythms.
The band were ok, no wait, they were brilliant musicians but a little boring.
The guitarist certainly knew his stuff.
Lauren solved the 'boring' issue by listening to her 'ipood' whilst watching the band and pretending that they were playing what she was listening to.  If you follow me.

This guy was brilliant though.

Others solved the 'boring' problem another way.

I hope he gets this sleeping mallarky out of his system before this coming Wednesday when a Scottish rock band will be playing.
He has had problems with the jocks before.
Meanwhile, Gary and I amused ourselves putting little hats on his head.

I also have another way to keep amused.
This works rather well for me.
I had to laugh when I saw my hand sanitizer in this picture.
I never go anywhere without the stuff. 
Some call it OCD.


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