Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jiggling about.

Not just any old cakes, but cakes made by Lauren on the theme of Green Day.
Do ask me .......I have no idea......mostly.
She made these so she could twit to whoever it is (the whole of the music world it seems) about them.
She twits a lot.
I, on the other hand, not so much.  Never actually.
It kept her busy all of Tuesday afternoon.
She iced some others, having made enough to feed Milwaukee and all of her colonies.
These we took to River Rhythms.

This week, as it is going to be Irish Fest at the weekend, we had a Scottish band called Manran.
I still fail to see why they import a Scottish band when Irish Fest is on.
Maybe they are cheaper.  Perhaps they work for a 'wee dram'.
They were pretty good.
They did insist on singing a lot of their songs in "Garlic"...not "Gaelic"....they said that was Irish.  In Jock speak it is "Garlic". 
Load of rubbish if you ask me.  I have never heard this before.

A few stars showed up.
Grizzly Adams was there.

Johnny Depp was there too.
I don't know what he is carrying.  He didn't have a dog so I doubt it was a pooper scooper.

They said we were in for a treat during the break.
Well that was a lie.
No...sorry...that is unkind.
We were treated to some Irish dancing.  Lots of kids, wearing curly wigs, bobbing up and down a bit.
I loved the little boy in the middle.  Bless him.

Lauren was miffed with me.
They asked if anyone in the audience would like to learn some Irish Dancing steps.
I kept trying to put Lauren's hand up but for some reason this irritated her.
I would have gone with her.
It looks easy enough.
Some people (see above) had a go.

This the look you get from a 14 year old, who is firmly plugged into her Ipood, when you ask her to do a bit of jiggling about.
Talking of which.
The band kept singing a lot of their songs in "Garlic" and you couldn't understand a bloody word.
I found it amusing to try to figure out what they said.
I swore there was one chorus which repeated,

"Jiggle about, me arse a'rubbing."

So, this is what I sang.
I did the actions too. 
These were antics that meant even, a 'cool 14 year old',  fell into fits of giggles.
Ah, there is hope.
I also found a couple of lines that sounded like "See you Jimmy, be happy".
She even joined in at times.

We have found out that 5 Card Studs are playing at a festival nearby tonight.
Brilliant band.  Donna and Lauren love them.
We are taking Lauren over there later.
We shall all be worn out after this visit.
Love it.


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