Monday, August 5, 2013

Bing Bong Bing........Hello Campers...

We went bowling at Knuckleheads.
I didn't bowl as it would be way too hard on my dodgy hands.
I was happy to watch and give the occasional cheer of encouragement.

After bowling we played crazy golf again.
The chap above swore to me that he is Cap'n Jack Sparrow.....but I had my doubts.
I got my very first hole in one. was abounding.   Lauren played better as she didn't have any distractions this time.

We met Bubba, who seemed like a nice boy.
How good of them to call their donkey after our cat.

Lauren did more shopping, I had a swim and then it was out to what had previously been our favourite Dells Italian restaurant.
Oh it was awful.
I had shrimp & scallop marsala, Philip had chicken marsala whilst Lauren had meatballs.
The marsala sauce tasted nothing like it should have.
It tasted like custard.  Custard on pasta.  Mine had 3 shrimp and 3 scallops........and it cost $25.
This was our most expensive dinner as it was meant to be our treat of the week.
Philips was equally bad and Lauren's meatballs were almost all bread.
Of course, being British, we didn't complain.  I wish we could get the hang of complaining.  It comes so easily to the Americans, whereas we Brits, when asked if everything was ok, always say it was fine and then spend 20 minutes muttering about it.
I did write a very forthright review about them though.
Little devil aren't I?


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