Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jeffrey's Wheeze In The Pool.

Today we went to the deer park.
We have always loved it there.  The deer are so very friendly, although this might have something to do with the food you buy for them on the way in.

Lauren had quite a following.
They do have animals other than deer.
A very aptly named bison as shown here.

I had a go at feeding the goats.
I love little goats.  I think it is because they always seem so naughty.

In the afternoon I tried the indoor pool again.
It wasn't quite as bad as it had been on Monday so I did my swimming in there.  I do so love to swim.
Philip, meanwhile, was catching some zzzzz's  and Lauren, once again was glued to the laptop making sure Billy Joe and the other members of "Green Day" were still having fun.
I have learned so much about this band recently.
It was good job we took the laptop with us.
In the evening Philip and Lauren went to the cinema to see Grown Ups 2 ( no I don't know either) whilst I nabbed the laptop.
Did I check up on Billy Joe and the rest of the band?   No I did not.
I went on to youtube and wallowed in the joy of QI - the best British TV show ever.
I also had a couple of glasses of wine.....well.....I was on holiday.


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