Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeward bound

My little (not so little actually) mate flew home on Tuesday.
She said her goodbyes to the kitties, the kids up the road and my mate June.
Everything at the airport went smoothly and I was soon back to a very quiet and empty house.
Never mind.  I will be seeing her again soon.

Wednesday was River Rhythms.
Lauren's favourite band was playing and she was upset that she wouldn't see them this year.
They are called 5 Card Studs and are a lot of fun.

Lauren asked me to get a video of the lead singer, shown here, saying "Hi Lauren" during their break.
I couldn't do that.
They are surrounded by people during their short break and I couldn't push through to ask him that.
I asked Gary to get some video of them playing and thought that would have to do.

We all bought 5 Card Studs t.shirts last year. Philip, Gary and myself were all wearing them.
During their break the singer came by us and called to us "I like your t.shirts.".
This was my moment.
It was a do it now or the time will pass and you will have lost the moment.
I asked him to do a short recording.  Gary would video it.
He was lovely.
When I explained why, he seemed genuinely sorry that Lauren had missed it and suggested I should be in the video with him.
It was magic. He even blew her a kiss.
Gary videoed it and sent it to me via facebook and I put it on her page.
She was overjoyed.
Donna couldn't believe I had got it.   I could scarcely believe it myself but to be honest, if he hadn't happened to walk past us I would never have gone up to ask him.
Some things are just meant to be.
What a nice guy.


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