Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This & That

Rascal & Treacle Versus The Box

Been a quiet few days.
The weather continues gorgeous but we could do with some rain. NOT WEDNESDAY.
Wednesday is the last night of River Rhythms, the free concerts in the park, and it is a brill band.
5 Card Studs.
We have been looking forward to this one........in a way, and at the same time dreading it as it heralds the end of the season.
Next weekend is our "bank holiday" as it is Labour Day weekend.
Traditionally, families get together for picnics in the parks or have barbies at home.
We will be doing neither of these as Philip has to monitor a work process from home.
Poor thing but he can play a computer game at the same time so he won't mind that much.

Sunday we went cheese shopping. Wisconsin is known as the dairy state and famous for its cheese........which is pants.
I suppose it is a matter of taste but the cheese round here doesn't taste of much.
There is a fab shop about 20 minutes away that has proper cheese. They charge proper prices for it too so we don't go often.
We found some Caerphilly.........I think that is how you spell it and a lovely blue cheese.
I have been fancying, of all things, a ploughman's lunch.
I wanted to do it for tea on Sunday.
So, we had cheese. This shop also has good beers so Philip got some proper beer.
I spotted some "suspicious looking sausages" in there too but could not get Philip to try one.
He bemoaned the fact that there was no such thing as Gala Pie over here.
I think he was regretting not trying the Scotch Egg on a Stick when he had the chance.
We also managed to find Branston Pickle and Pickled Onions.......in the World Market shop.
$5 each.........worth it.
We did pay $12 once for a jar of pickled onions. Now if they would only import pickled red cabbage from England then all would be cultured and genteel.

Bit of a giggle with my old mate yesterday.
She is a sweetie and the most amazing, true Christian I have ever met. She really tries to live her life helping others.
She picks me up on Monday mornings to go swimming. As the weather is so lovely we decided to go in the outside pool. There was no one else in it........at first.
Then along came these two very young guys. Very young, very attractive, very pretty.......young guys, one of whom carried a handbag.......'are you with me so far?'

My old friend greeted them, although we didn't know them. The one with the handbag said "Oh hello, how are you today? What a lovely day "....etc, etc.
They then had a dip in the pool before lying out on the sunbeds to soak up a few rays.
Along came one of the maintenance men whom my old friend knows. She started to call out to him to tell her husband to do something or other.
The maintenance guy was laughing at her and said "oh you are the boss then. The women are always in charge even when we don't think they are".
At this point my dear old friend called out to the young guys lying in the sun.


I didn't know where to look......so I looked at the young guys who were looking at each other out of the corners of their eyes and smiling awkwardly.
I did try to make eye contact to wink at them but I don't know if they saw me.
Oh bless her......she is 73 years old and such an innocent.


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