Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Arse our sads...........

They have arrived safely home.
We were up around 3.30am yesterday as they had an early flight.
As Philip works in Chicago, he dropped them at Chicago airport on his way to work.
I tried to go back to sleep but found I couldn't.
That month flew by.
It is hard to believe they were here for four weeks.......and it has gone.
So, I threw myself into stripping beds, doing washing, hoovering and generally getting the house back to normal. It kept me occupied.
I say back to normal as we can be with 5 kittens hurtling around.
I miss Lauren's help with the kittens. She is a terrific kitten wrangler.
She would gather up an armful of the little buggers to take up to bed with her. I think they are missing her too.
She may come back again at Easter time.
They can't come for Christmas this year as they spent Christmas with us last year.
Speaking of which........I bet that will be coming at us at speed.
Must put the brussel sprouts on soon.

It was our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday.
It never ceases to amaze me how he has put up with me all these years.
I got him a brilliant card.
It said on the front.

"If I hadn't found you"

Then inside

"I'd probably be driving somebody else nuts"

Then this morning I had a poxy angina attack. Again......out of the blue.
I might be seeing a bit of a pattern though.
The last one I had was the day after our citizenship swearing in ceremony at the courthouse.
I was very stressed over that.
Yesterday I was very stressed over Donna and Lauren leaving and also that they should have a safe trip.
This morning......the angina.
So, maybe it doesn't show up on the day of the stress but the day after.
I wish I didn't stress over anything then I would be ok, but I think everyone stresses over something so that isn't likely to happen.
I am feeling a bit washed out now but it won't stop me from going to River Rhythms this evening.
I will have fun seeing Gary and I might as well be washed out there as be washed out indoors.


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