Saturday, August 13, 2011

....when a plan comes together.

Thursday the kittens all went off to the vet for their surgeries.
I felt really bad about them going and the house was really quiet all day.
You could open a cupboard without having to empty it of kittens before you shut it.
You could put things down and they would still be there when you wanted them again.
But it wasn't nice really.
I was told that when they returned in the afternoon they should be kept quiet for the rest of the day.
Yeah right.
The boys bounced out of the carriers and Treacle almost bounced too.
She immediately removed the dressing on her belly.
Poor Tootsie was not bouncy at all. She was very subdued and trembling.
We let her sleep.
Next day, Friday, Lauren didn't feel well. Sore throat. So she stayed in her jim jams all day and snuggled with the kits.
They seemed to enjoy it and so did she. Notice Benny lying on her legs in the photo.
Today she is much better and so are the monsters.
We decided a trip to Toys R Us was in order.

Actually, it has acquired a different name. Sometimes when someone gets their words in a muddle, the result is better than the original.
This was a case in point.
Philip meant to say Toys R Us but it came out more like 'Arse Our Toys'.
This caused much amusement in our 12 year old and it has been quoted as Arse Our Toys all day.
At Arse Our Toys she picked out a construction kit. It was a stable block. She is horse mad and has quite a few plastic horses at our house.
Splashed across the front of the box were the words "Two Horses Included".
It had been about $100 but was in the clearance at $60.
Lauren has been saving her money so this was perfect.

She couldn't wait to get home and said kit was duly unwrapped as soon as she fell in the door.
Oh calamity.
There weren't two horses in the box.
There wasn't even one horse or the hint of a recent visit by a horse.
OK back to the store ........was my idea. Philip and Donna made excuses and implied it wasn't the stores fault and it wouldn't be any use.
That be buggered. It says two horses included and so there should be two bloody horses. What good would a stable block kit be without any horses. Arse Our Toys weren't to know that she has a dozen horses at home.
I checked the receipt. It stated very plainly that it was for a stable and TWO HORSES.
This child would have her horses.

Back we went. Philip chose not to come in the shop with me. Wonder why?
I knew I wouldn't be rude or belligerent. I don't think it is necessary.
It was the last stable block they had so they couldn't exchange it. I suggested that maybe they could give Lauren a couple of horses from off the shelf.
The girl called the manager over who checked that it did say quite specifically that the horses were included. She then disappeared and came back with a selection of them for Lauren to choose from.
She told us she would need to put it through the till in a complicated way, voiding this and that. I told her whatever worked was fine with us.
She then gave us back........the stable kit.............the two horses..........and ..........and ........$21. 34.
I was a bit surprised at this but we thanked her and made our way out of the store.
I said to Donna "What has she given me this money back for?"
Quoth Donna, "I don't know........just keep walking".

So, thank you Arse Our Toys. We will do business with you again........maybe not just yet though.


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