Monday, August 22, 2011

Festering and Irish Festing

This weekend was Irish Fest.
It was as well that we decided to go on Sunday as Donna was in no fit state for festing on Saturday.
She was festering.
She had been out on the razzle on Friday night and her chums had taken her to a bar that had "live Karaoke"............I didn't know what that meant and in case you don't either it means instead of singing with a karaoke machine, you sing with a band.
A real band.
A real live band.
She thought she was in heaven. I don't really get this whole karaoke shennanigens.
I do know though, that people who do the karaoke thing, do seem to be very passionate about it.
I have an inkling that the drink helps things along.

So, Sunday after the steak & eggs brekkie.............not for me of was off to Irish Fest.
I had a banana split sundae waffle.
This is..........a waffle, with bananas, strawberries & sauce, two scoops of ice cream and mounds of whipped cream.
I thought I would eat healthily this week :)

Another hot sunny day meant we were soon thirsty.
We bought some cokes but for some reason I cannot understand.....I felt a bit queasy.
But, I didn't make a fuss. I just bought some stomach pills and carried on.
We saw all the Irish dancers, many bands, some traditional and one band which were a lot like The Pogues.

We also spent some time watching the above.
This is a sport. Donna likes watching any sport.
Well, that was her excuse for spending so much time here.........and who am I to disagree.


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