Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something of theme going on here.

Tuesday we went to 6 Flags Great America.
In case anyone isn't aware........this is a theme park.
The theme being 'white knuckle rides'.
I have been to a lot of theme parks and where Disney and Universal are fab because they are very beautiful, 6 Flags is more for your serious roller coaster fans.

Disney is very pretty and has some fabulous rides but they are very, very spaced apart and you find yourself doing more walking than riding.
They have a couple of big coasters and then a lot of kids stuff and a lot of themed stuff and even more 'getting your money off you' stuff.
We found that we would be walking all day and maybe doing 4 or 5 rides.

6 Flags is almost all BIG coasters and they are all next to each other.
There are a few kids rides and a couple of shows but it is about the coasters. Donna and Lauren loved this.
There are coasters where you lie down as if you are flying - Superman ride. There are a couple where are hanging underneath. There are dark rides, backwards rides and even one where you are actually standing up.

I used to love coasters but since I have had this dodgy ear I have been unable to ride them.
The last time I did I got vertigo and could barely stand.
So, now I get my fun watching them have fun. That works for me.

Wednesday wasn't much fun for Philip.
He phoned me on his way home, as he usually does, to give me a heads up as to what time he will get in.
He wasn't a happy bunny.
He said he was running late and would phone me when he has finished cleaning the car.
He and a couple of mates car pool to work as it is such a long drive.
It was Philip's turn to drive.
As they had got onto the freeway his mate in the back, without any warning to anyone, upchucked.
He hurled all over himself, the back seat and the floor.
When asked why he hadn't mentioned he felt like blowing chunks.........he said he hadn't known until it happened.
They had to stop at a services to try their best the clean it up and lessen the smell.
Off they went again.
He did it again.
They had to find somewhere to stop........again.
Rinse and repeat.
Off they went again.
He did it for the third time. Personally I think I would have made him walk the 70 miles home by now.
When Philip got home he tried to clean the car yet again but it wasn't good enough.
Well, to be honest it wasn't good enough for me. I am very sensitive to puke and I told him that no way would I be able to travel in the car until it had been cleaned properly.
So, today he is having the car professionally cleaned.
We are hoping that we are now done with Malodorous Women, The Vomit Comet and The Upchuck Kid.
No I didn't send Gary to photograph the Malodorous Woman. I took that photo but I zoomed in so I took it from quite a way away.


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