Friday, August 19, 2011

Hangovers are least some of us !!

Last weekend was a bimbling weekend.
We pootled around shops etc. Nothing too strenuous, as Philip had to monitor a work process we couldn't go far from home.
Donna has made a habit of having steak, eggs, hash browns & toast for brekkie on a Sunday whilst she is here.
She starts looking forward to it around the previous Monday morning.
So we went out for that and then did a bit of shopping.
She had had a bit of a late night on Saturday so she was happy to come home for a kip.

Wednesday was River Rhythms.
They amaze me at the variety of music they have.
This week was a Scottish band who are over here for Irish that one out.
Irish Fest is this weekend and is reputedly the largest Irish Festival in the world.
Who knew?
There is much boozing and merry making, as of course, suddenly everyone in Wisconsin is Irish.
Anyway, this week's band were called The Red Hot Chilli Pipers !

They were described as high energy and a mixture of rock and bagpipes.
Bagrock they called it.
They were bloody good. Philip groaned initially when I told him it was bagpipes but combined with the rock theme, guitars etc, they really put on a show.
One thing they lacked though.
A singer.
Very often they would start an instantly recognisable rock song and you can't help waiting for the singing to start.
Donna and I both agreed it was missing.
They were very good at getting the crowd going though. There were a lot of people there to see them too.
We were a bit puzzled at their references to the Irish though.
They tried to tell this American crowd that back in the day when the Irish and the Scottish would do this or that together...tra la........rubbish.
We knew it was because they would be playing at Irish Fest over the weekend. This crowd mostly have no idea where Scotland and Ireland are and certainly not a clue about their history.
But it gave us a giggle.
We all shouted "Aye" instead of yes as the band had requested, whenever they asked if we were having a good time or something.
Well, I did anyway.
We speculated on how many times they would drink their hosts under the table over the weekend.
They were a lot of fun and very different. Not in the same league as Brother.........."steady....nurse the screens!!!.", but very good.
Rotten Lauren would not go up and request ... "Donald where's ya troosers?" ....for me.
Wasn't she mean?


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