Monday, August 8, 2011

State Fair.

On Friday night we went to a church festival so that Lauren could see her favourite band.
5 Card Studs.
They are not only good, but also a lot of fun.
Before each song the lead singer, says in his sexiest voice...."This one is for the ladies".
He says this about every song.
We bought 5 Card Stud T. Shirts and we shall be going to see them again the Friday after next, when we shall proudly sport our T. Shirts.
I hope they don't think we are groupies.

Saturday it was off to State Fair.
This is huge.
The running joke is that you can get most anything fried or on a stick.
They outdid themselves this time.
There was chocolate covered bacon on a stick, deep fried Mac & Cheese, deep fried Oreo biscuits, deep fried pickles, bacon cheeseburger in a krispy kreme doughnut, deep fried beer ( I think they must freeze it and then coat it in batter) and the one I thought most heart stopping - literally - Deep Fried Butter !!!!
This IS Wisconsin you know!

I thought the dog on the motorbike was so lovely.
She was so laid back. Just had to take a picture of her.

Lauren had a pork chop on a stick.
Donna had a steak.
Philip had lots.
I had a Blooming Onion. Oh it was delish.
I look forward to it all year but then I can only eat about a quarter of it. The others shared it though so it didn't go to waste.

Then to the fairground part.
Donna and Lauren went on a roller coaster - fine.
They then went on a whizzy round thing. I don't know what it is called ...........I know what it should be called and I will let you in on that in a mo.
They got whizzed up and down, round and round...........then as the ride came to a standstill.....the boy sitting opposite them started pulling funny faces.
Donna said she wondered what he was doing. She didn't wonder for long.
He threw up. Projectile.......all over himself and his mates either side.
The guy or 'Carnie', who was in charge of the ride was furious and started yelling at this kid.
Of course the boy couldn't help it but can you imagine having to clear up after him. It was about 95F.
I wouldn't have been thrilled at the prospect of that clean up.
Can you imagine having those kids in the car with you going home?
The smell was enough to make me want to hurl so we quickly moved on. Donna was just so relieved that he hadn't thrown up during the ride as he would have covered everyone in it.
I wonder if he had been eating deep fried butter.
Henceforth said ride shall be known as 'The Vomit Comet.'


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