Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend..........where it go??????

Ice Hockey was fab.
It is such a great evening out and not too expensive.
We had brill seats which cost around $18 each.
That would be about 12 pounds I think.
You get a lot for that though. The entertainment, apart from the hockey, is a lot of fun.
Started with the Admirals pirate ship which fires T shirts into the crowd.
During the first break we had The Human Hockey Puck competition where people choose to be fired by a big catapult, the length of the ice, to try to knock down the most pins at the other end.
Then we had the little kids come on to do their bit of hockey.
They are always funny.
They are so tiddy and half of them end up going the wrong way.
The next break we had the cheese tub race.
What else??????
There is also a blimp which flies around the arena dropping coupons and tickets on the crowd.
This was the opening game of the season and I love checking out all the new players names.
We have a priceless one this year.
Either his mother had a sense of humour or his dad wanted him to grow up tough.
His last name is ......Rabbit.............his first name is...............Wacey.
Oh my.............Wacey Wabbit.
"Shhh.........hunting Wacey Wabbits"............
There were the customary punch ups which were celebrated as the highlights of the game.
They are repeated on the big screens accompanied by suitable music, although one time they showed the fight with Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim..........it didn't make sense but was so funny.
The Admirals did win, although in extra time. This was rather surprising as it seems The Manitoba Moose had the pope playing for them.


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