Friday, October 23, 2009


Had a letter from Lukewarm today.
He was in good spirits when I saw him during my visit to Blighty.
He isn't now.
I was hoping that maybe some bridges had been built and that maybe hurt, raw feelings would subside given time.
It seems this isn't the case.
I do hope things improve for him as this bitterness can't be doing anyone any good.
He did wrong, he knows that, but he is paying a terribly high price.
I had already sent him a letter but they must have crossed. I hear there are postal strikes over there so it might be delayed. I will send off another one.

I hope the above picture doesn't offend anyone.
Well, seeing it all "live" offended me a bit. Put me right off my chips.
We are off to Ice Hockey tomorrow. It is the Milwaukee Admirals opening game.
They are playing The Manitoba Moose.......or should that be Mooses.......or maybe Meese.
I love the first game of the season as they give out freebies.
Usually we get a fridge magnet schedule and maybe a flag.
We will be meeting our friend Gary there and with any luck, The Admirals will win.
Well, if they don't win at least I hope there are a few goodly punch ups.

I hope they don't do any more "fat guy" competitions. I will let you know.


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