Friday, October 9, 2009

Squeak piggy squeak

This is Lauren with Tom.
Amazing kitty.
You can just plop him down any which way and he stays.

Philip is home poorly.
He has some sort of flu. I phoned the doctor yesterday and they said he should go in.
I was surprised as I thought they wouldn't want people going in there with flu symptoms.
But, they said they would not prescribe without seeing him and that he should ask for a mask as soon as he got there.
According to my friends back in England they were dishing out Tamiflu willy nilly simply by telling them your symptoms over the phone.
Anyway, he has flu but they cannot tell if it is swine flu or seasonal flu.
Which makes it seem odd that across the pond they are willing to make a diagnosis over the phone.
He has been given Tamiflu and is signed off work until Wednesday.
He had the seasonal flu jab a couple of weeks ago but apparently it isn't totally effective for 3 -4 weeks after.
I am hoping he has seasonal flu as I had my flu jab about 6 weeks ago so I should be covered.
If he has oink flu then .........I just hope I don't get it.

We are hoping Alan phones today so that arrangements can be made for their visit to the long lost brother in February.
We have worked out some dates and just need to speak to Alan to confirm them.
Then Philip can book on the same flights as him.
Alan's hotel is closing at the beginning of January and not opening until March 1st next year.
This gives him a very long holiday.
Philip, on the other hand, has about 5 days he can use.
So, he has had to try to factor in the weekends so that he gets as much time as possible over there.
They have to fly to Heathrow and then on to Glasgow. Add car hire and a B&B on top and it won't be cheap.
But, it will be worth it and sometimes you have to get your priorities right.
Alan should be fine as he usually has money to take home with him anyway.
This time he will have to make sure he doesn't throw it away at the airport :)

It is all rather exciting.


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